Here's the proper pronoun for a gender neutral, third person singular: "It"

Columbia University, the once-great school where now everyone has to fall in line to herd-like thinking.

Don’t get all in a huff. It makes perfect sense. Gender neutral, singular, third person. Precise. Clear.

The woke patricians have laid down the law: Anyone who doesn’t want to be called “he” or “she,” instead must be called whatever silly concoction that the poor soul demands.

So far, the most popular label seems to be “they/them.” Hey, never mind that applying a plural pronoun to a single person fails logic, reason and custom. It’s an assault on language, whose proper use always seeks precision and clarity. Language that makes concepts, things and people foggy is stupid.

There are exception to “they/them,” with some others preferring “xe/xem,” “ze/hir,” “per/pers” and “ey/em.” Would someone please make out the complete list? Maybe we need workshops so that we can better learn all the alternatives.

Aside from the slaughter of the English language, more troubling is the threat that at least two universities are warning that dire consequences await for students not adopting this goofy lexicon.

At Columbia University, “intentional” deviation from the policy can get you fired. Point Park University in Pittsburgh has warned students that “action could be taken” if they deviate from the policy.

This exhortation from the Columbia University website reveals just how ludicrous this is:

However, it is important to keep the student’s experience in mind, because you don’t want to inadvertently refer to someone by the wrong gender; even unintentional errors can create challenges for students in the learning environment. Be cognizant of the pronouns a student uses and always try to use them.

The idea of the university qua brainwashing.

So, if you tell me you don’t want to be called he or she, I’m going to call you “It.” (Capital “I” as a sign of respect.) I refuse to trash the English language so your feelings aren’t hurt. Nuts to your demand that I violate my own standards so you don’t take “offense.”

“It” is the perfect construction for a pronoun that is at once gender neutral, single and third person. That’s my rule.

The difference between my rule and the woke nonsense is this: If you don’t follow my rule, you won’t be fired. Under the woke rule, you can be fired. For a free society that’s intolerable.

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  • This is the sort of discourse that drives me up the wall. Why even bother with such trivia when the radical far left is working 24-7 to destroy the principles and ideals on which this republic was founded? If this country as envisioned by the Founding Fathers goes into the toilet, nobody will GAF about "the proper pronoun for a gender neutral, third person singular: 'It' "

  • In reply to davegorak:

    Words mean things. Words define a culture. The disconnect between science and biology and language is very important in the culture wars that are destroying the country. In fact, the idiotic abuse of descriptive pronouns goes to the heart of the destruction. The debasement of science and the confusion it brings upon a younger generation is just as important as any other insane leftist threat.

  • It could create challenges for students in the learning environment? Last time I looked, that was the point!

  • I am reminded of the alleged statement of a Chinese professor during the Cultural Revolution as the Red Guards got more and more crazy: "It's metaphysics! All the way down!"

  • I've been describing the Left as It for a few years now and when I want to get someone's attention i say "Hey, You" like Rita Moreno on The Electric Company

  • Once great school? Columbia is ranked #2 among National Universities. Only behind Princeton and ahead of #3 Harvard.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    As what Dementia Joe's inflation does to your food bill, so does Woke inflation do to Universities.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Relativism - An ebbing tide LOWERS all ships

    The Woking Dead have lowered the bar so low at this point, an ant couldn't limbo under it

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