Despite what pro-choicers say, Europe restricts abortions more than America does.

It’s harder to get an abortion in Europe than in America.

I’ve been saying this for years: America’s abortion laws are a lot more radical than Europe’s. A lot of other nations actually restrict or ban abortions after the 12th week or so.

But that true fact is ignored by an abortion industry that wants Americans to believe that moderate abortion policy that protects unborn children after then is extremist, right-wing, misogynist and hateful.

Below is a great explanation of how Europe’s abortion restrictions are basically the same as the Missouri and other state laws that the hard left describe as “extreme anti-choice.” The ones that the abortion industry demands that the U.S. Supreme Court overturn because they are so out of step with reason.

I challenge pro-choicers to watch to this entire video and respond as best that you can. If you do, you’ll do more than most pro-choicers who refuse even to address the issue.

Here’s the link to the video:

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  • The Left is dissatisfied with American law...Let's have Europe's abortion laws and Mexico's voting laws

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