Illinois joins Virginia Democrats, telling parents to take a flying leap.

New Illinois law denies parents the right to know about a child’s life-changing health decision.

Illinois state capital. Where parental rights go to die.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia gubernatorial race made national headlines when he infamously stated, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

Also in the national spotlight are school boards in Loudoun and Fairfax counties in suburban Washington D.C. whose autocratic rules are fermenting open rebellion by parent against education experts who want to teach children to judge character by their skin color. One school autocracy even tried to hide a rape in a school bathroom.

But Illinois has gone one giant step further. Gov. J. B. Pritzker has signed legislation that would deny parents the right to know that their minor daughter is about to undergo an abortion.

In a late-session meeting of the Illinois Legislature, lawmakers nullified the quarter-century-old Parental Notice of Abortion Act. Taking its place is the ironically titled Reproductive Health Act that, at its worst, allows men who have sexually abused minors to pressure the girls to have an abortion without the loving support of their parents.

The thinking hiding behind the law, just like the attempted expulsion of parents from decisions affecting their children’s education, is that “experts” know better than parents. Those include social workers, educators and ideologically inclined workers at abortion clinics.

Among them is Ed Yohnka of the Illinois ACLU who repeated a canard from the anti-life playbook. Under old notification law, he pronounced, a “pregnant young person [read: child] can make every other healthcare choice that they want except abortion. That was the only thing the law treats differently.”

There’s no other way to describe this statement other than bullshit. In the most extreme example, if that were true, physicians wouldn’t have to notify parents that a child was about to undergo major surgery. More realistically, cosmetic surgery would be left entirely up the to child and the providers who profit from the procedure. States have a variety of laws that require parental permission for a child to use a tanning bed, to get a tattoo or to receive an aspirin from a school nurse.

To pro-choice extremists, none of that matters because killing a living human being in utero is no different that removing a wart.

By ending parent involvement, Illinois has become an outlier. The Guttmacher Institute has found that the majority of states–38–require parental involvement in a minor’s decision to have an abortion. Twenty-one states require parental consent while 11 require only parental notification.

In terms of public opinion, Illinois law now reflects an extremist position. Gallup has kept track of public opinion over the years about abortion. An overwhelming majority (hovering around 70 percent over the years) favor parental consent, not just notification.

Illinois policy is in the hands of extremist groups when it comes to abortion. Meanwhile in Virginia, parents are revolting against the “experts” who are supplanting parents in their schools. That’s reflected in the surprising increase in public support for McAuliffe’s opponent, Republic Glenn Youngkin.

There’s a larger issue: Americans are fed up. Having their lives and livelihoods run by “experts” of all stripes. It started with orders that you couldn’t leave your house (remember that?), the execution of small businesses by overly restrictive pandemic rule and the eviction of children from the classroom. The disruption of countless lives by “remote” learning that actually pushed children back in their education. Mask-wearing in where the science doesn’t require it, such as on windblown beaches and high school sports like girls volleyball.

Now come the mandates forcing some businesses to fire people who refuse the jab. The shaming and silencing of political opponents by large corporations and their media handmaidens. The cockamamy schemes by President Joe Biden–at the direction of extreme progressives–that are turning the economy into shambles and eating away at the value of hard-earned savings.

Attorney General Merrick Garland siccing the FBI on American parents–akin to domestic terrorists–for vigorous challenging school board decisions.

The Chicago Teachers Union running the city’s schools. And now vaccines for children as young as five when the science fails to demonstrate its benefits. Will young children who are rare spreaders of Covid now be ordered to get the shots? If the parents don’t approve, will the children be expelled? Parents be fined? Imprisoned?

Biden scoffs at “freedom.” That’s what the experts tell him to say. Nowhere in our political tradition have experts attempted to run our lives so completely. Nowhere in the Constitution are experts granted such powers.

Democrats warn that their political opponents are killing democracy. Truth is, progressives/liberals/Democrats are turning our government into an autocracy, as those unelected, not responsible are mistaken experts are crippling our self-rule and denying us our God-given liberty.

Parents of American, unite!

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  • There will be barely a whimper from the complaint subjects of Illinois about the parental notification change or the elimination of moral considerations from the forced (and pretty much useless) EUA shots.

  • When a girl dies following a botched abortion will the parents be able to sue? will the adults who aided the child to get the procedure be criminally culpable? or did they shield themselves from the law in this abomination?

  • In reply to WaucondaNana:

    Great questions!The answer probably is something like: the girl who is the victim is dead and the parents don't have standing. So, no one gets sued.

  • Terry McAuliffe is an unremitting piece of sh*t.

  • Such hypocrisy. Can’t even examine an under 18 patient or perform any other procedure, unless it’s life threatening, without parental consent. Yet, abortion, an elective procedure, gets special treatment. The hypocrisy of the abortion movement.

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