Have you noticed all the black and brown families dying to enter systemically racist America?

Hundreds of thousands trying to sneak onto the plantation so they can be subjected to white privilege.

If the United States is so racist–systemically so at its core–what’s with the mass migration of minorities lining up, wading across the Rio Grande, hiding in the brush and dying on the way to come here?

The Biden/Harris doublet insists the border is closed, that we don’t need to worry about the spread of covid by illegal immigrants and that everything is well in hand.

Except that the widely available evidence proves that the “No Malarky” president is full of malarky and that black and brown people especially want to enter, live and prosper in a land in which they and their children supposed will be crushed by oppressive white racism.

Are they stupid? Are they insane? What would drive them through the most dangerous Panamanian jungle, risking their own lives and those of their children? What would prompt them to pay thousands of dollars to hardened, murderous criminals to guide them in? Why would they drag their toddlers with them? Why would pregnant and nursing women do it?

If the legacy media would bother to ask them, they’d find that one word explains it: Freedom. Or liberty. Or opportunity.

The illegal immigrants have put to the lie the woke credo that America is a land that oppresses people because of their race. We still are the country that so many people from so many places see as exceptional. A place of freedom.

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  • They want to come here for the same reasons your Irish ancestors came here. The reasons you cite. The vast majority of them are not aware of the anti-immigrant feelings on the right. Or the white nationalists. Or the Fox News propaganda pushing the Replacement Theory. Just as your ancestors didn't expect the bigotry and discrimination they had to face. The dreams of the immigrants today crowd out any thoughts of disillusionment.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Well, if you had watched FoxNews you would have seen an interview with an immigrant who said they all know that they wouldn't get in because of Trump, but when Biden became president they knew getting in would be easier. The skyrocketing number of illegal immigrants under Biden supports the conclusion that they knew what they were getting into. You seem into the bias of soft expectations. Look at all those ignorant people, not knowing what they're getting into.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    You're arguing past him, Dennis. Knowing that you'll have an easier time getting in has nothing to do with knowing what kind of reception you'll get once in.

    Still, Wired, the illegal aliens aren't stupid. Knowing that Trump opposed them so much means that the illegals could reasonably figure out that they wouldn't be made welcome. And the ICE factory raids and deportations are well known, too.

  • Moreover, your argument does not hold water. 2 million Irish immigrants were driven here by the potato blight in Ireland in the 1840s. Despite the fact that slavery still existed in our country!

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    "Starvation plagued Ireland and within five years, a million Irish were dead while half a million had arrived in America to start a new life."
    Not 2 million. From the Library of Congress. Just a little off, Wired, but no matter. Oh, and almost all arrived legally, but never mind.

  • The answer is obvious...just like our ancestors, they want better cell phone service and we have Pizza Hut too.

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