Fairfax County (Va.) schools want to know if your child had oral sex.

Wait it gets better. Here’s why parents (those domestic terrorists!) want a greater voice in school curricula.

“How old were you when you had sexual intercourse for the first time?” is another one of the intrusive and useless survey questions being asked of eighth, tenth and twelfth grade students in Fairfax County, Va.

Fairfax along with Loudon County–two up-scale suburbs of Washington, D.C.–have been in the national spotlight as parenst fight to take back their public school from woke administrators, teachers and consultants. These oligarchs, like Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, share the belief that they alone are in charge and parents can go fly a kite.

Student participation is voluntary and anonymous. Parents can choose to have their child not take the survey, but that means the child will be segregated away from the other students who are taking the test during the school day.

The 173-question survey asks:

  • “During your life, with how many people have you sexual intercourse?”
  • “During the past three months, with how many people have you had sexual intercourse?

The survey also asks if you had alcohol or drugs before intercourse and whether you used a condom or other form of birth control?

The one question obviously left out: Was it good for you?

The survey digs down for a lot more personal information. Have you ever bullied or cyberbullied anybody? Do you belong to a gang? Have you smoked marijuana? Drunk alcohol? Sniffed glue? Smoked cigarettes, “even just a puff.” In the past week, did you eat fruit or vegetables, drank fruit juice? How many hours do you sleep at night? And, of course, do you get along with people who “are different than me?”–the door opening to critical race theory.

Here I’m not making light of all the problems itemized in the survey. Drug and alcohol use, risky and early sex, bullying and more are serious problems that need to be seriously handled.

But does this survey further that goal? Some might argue that knowing the problems’ prevalence the are is the first step to addressing them. As if nobody knows already. If a school district staff doesn’t know that these things are going on in their schools, they should be fired.

This survey assumes that students, even anonymously and voluntarily, answer the questions honestly. That’s a laugher. There’s no reliable way to test for honesty, even though it asks if you’ve answered the question honestly. Unless teenagers have been suddenly struck by a streak of seriousness that belies their age, you’ll never know. Thus the survey results are invalid.

“What the hell does the school need this information for?”

Aside from that and the survey’s astonishing intrusiveness, the next question is, “What the hell does the school need this information for?” Does anyone not know that teenagers are engaging in risky sex, smoking weed, bullying or getting bullied and all the rest? What, for example, should be the school’s response if the typical student has sex twice in a month instead of thrice?

This is surveying for the sake of surveying. It is justification for a paid someone to justify her job. It is puffery to demonstrate the school district’s caring and concern. It is junk science because it serves no purpose. Can anyone in her right mind not be upset that their tax dollars are spent on this rubbish?

Just like McAuliffe blundered badly when he confirmed the worst about the educrats’ conviction that the parents should keep their nose out of the classroom. It reveals a lot more about the school administration than it does about the children.

This survey will be justified under the rubric that educators must be concerned about the “whole” student. But not when it results in diminished academic achievement, as national and international tests reveal. Not when it gets in the way of the fundamentals, such as math, reading and writing.

I received this survey from a Fairfax mother who is truly pissed at the way the school wants to intrude on her job and responsibilities as a parent. Who doesn’t like the school’s direction. She’s already had to deal with the vastly over-wrought Covid demands, restrictions and mandates, such as shutting down the classroom for longer than the science requires.

Thankfully, Virginia parents have an opportunity to make their voices heard in Tuesday’s gubernatorial race. It’s Democratic candidate McAuliffe running against the surging Republican Glenn Youngkin who has made precisely this issue a centerpiece of his campaign.

Parents of America, arise!

Here are some survey samples:

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  • the staff asking these questions sound like pedophiles grooming new victims

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