What the hell is wrong with the FBI?

Its outrageous failure to protect America’s gymnasts from sexual abuse is the final straw.

The FBI can start reforming itself by chiseling the name of J. Edgar Hoover off its headquarters building.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has not only been politicized to a scandalous extent, but the tale of its unbelievable incompetence in protecting girls and young women from sexual predator Larry Nassar is stupefying.

The shocking testimony by four young star gymnasts before a Senate committee today is evidence that the FBI needs to be turned inside out from top to bottom and disinfected of the incompetent and political vipers lurking there.

To get a sense of just how corrupt and/or incompetent the FBI has become, you need to watch the video below of McKayla Maroney’s moving and angry testimony at the hearing. You need to watch the entire video to come away with a true sense of her outrage expressed so eloquently.

FBI Director F.B.I. director, Christopher Wray said he was “appalled” to find out after Nassar’s arrest how many agents failed to do their job of protecting the gymnasts from the predator. Good luck, Wray, in carrying out your promised reforms. Assuming of course that you meant it.

Here is a recounting of the politicalization of the FBI:

Politically motivated spying campaigns, being warned about earth-shattering tragedies before they occur, and refusing to bring actual criminals to justice are just some of the embarrassing failures the FBI has increasingly added to its record.

The bureau under the leadership of former Director James Comey and Acting Director Andrew McCabe drew the particular ire of former President Donald Trump and Republicans due to its handling of the Russia investigation in which the FBI would rely on false information and media leaks in order to investigate members of the Trump team.

In 2018, Horowitz released a report rebuking the FBI for using the unverified information in the salacious Steele Dossier to obtain a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant to spy on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page, who they accused of working as a Russian agent.

FBI hijinks are non-partisan. Let’s return to the thrilling days of original FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, who, according to the Chicago Tribune, for 47 years engaged in “countless illegal activities, including unauthorized buggings and ”black-bag” jobs.” Such as:

Hoover`s network of informants and infiltrations of perfectly legitimate groups that he personally opposed, including Martin Luther King`’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the American Civil Liberties Union, provided him with information that he used to satisfy his vendettas. Hoover shared his knowledge of King`s sexual activities with the NAACP`s Roy Wilkins, both to discredit King and to intimidate him from attacking the bureau. Morris Ernst, the ACLU`s longtime general counsel, regularly and obsequiously reported to Hoover and tried to steer his group from any actions critical of the bureau.

John F. Kennedy, had promised to replace Hoover, but that kind of talk went silent reportedly after Hoover let it be known that he knew about the president’s extra martial dalliances.

Here’s the obligatory declaration that in all honestly I believe that most FBI agents are conscientious and honest. But their effectiveness has been torpedoed.

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  • Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller is your source. Really?

  • You always shoot the messenger and ignore the message. Daily Caller or WaPo, what is incorrect about the report, Horowitz, Page, and the Steele Dossier?

  • The FBI is not the "gold standard" of law enforcement it has hyped itself up to be. It probably never was...certainly not under Hoover. They are full of political characters at the top...biased, agenda pushers protecting their own fiefdom. Successes? Sure, but they have been wrong quite a bit too...remember Richard Jewell? 911 hijackers training to fly but not land planes?

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