Not one cent of taxpayer money for a new stadium for Chicago Bears.

But lots of $$$ to help them move to Arizona to give us back the Chicago Cardinals.

Selso Nunez, of Palatine, dressed in Chicago Bears clothing, peeks over the gate of Arlington International Racecourse as he looks for a spot to watch the fireworks following a day of races on Sept. 25, 2021. (Chris Sweda / Chicago Tribune)

Go ahead, Chicago Bears, move to Arlington Heights.

But don’t you dare ask for money to help build your new stadium. You don’t deserve it. In my entire lifetime, you, the McCaskey/Halas family, have graced Chicago with fewer grand times than, well, the Chicago Cubs. You stank, you stink, you will stink.

Chicago and Illinois are dry holes. The taxpayers already are getting crushed by the costs of corruption, favoritism and government pensions. When it comes to a helping hand, you deserve squat. You’ve already got fans who will fill every seat in sub-zero weather and pay those greedy seat taxes no matter how much you disappoint. In exchange for their blind loyalty, you have blessed them with unremitting failure, interrupted by occasional mediocrity.

So, move out of Chicago. But don’t stop in Arlington Heights. Go to Arizona.

You remember Arizona–the home of the Arizona Cardinals. Well, more properly the Chicago Cardinals. That’s the team that George Halas drove out of town because he couldn’t tolerate the competition. As an iconic NFL founder he got away with it. Even though the Cardinals, having been in Chicago for 40 years were the legitimate home team.

So I propose a trade, straight up. Bring the 3-0 Cardinals back to Chicago and ship the 1-2 Bears south. Maybe the Cardinals won’t bring a Super Bowl championship with them, but I don’t care. They won’t bring 538 quarterback prospects with them in a fruitless search for a winner.

Will the Bears demand government subsidies to move to Arlington Heights, as I premise in this post? The Bears haven’t said so, but my money says it’s likely. Greedy incompetence is in their DNA.


*What Mike Royko wrote back when the Bears threatened in the 1970s to move to Arlington Heights.

*An analysis of the costs of a Bears move.

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  • Jesus Christ! They had Dennis Green. Now you want to foist Matt Nagy (and Ryan Pace) on them, too? Yeesh.

  • They sure got rid of your Art institute POST and FAST-It never made the main page-JUST GONE=

  • In reply to BOB ANGONE:

    The wages of my sin.

  • Why shouldn't the Bears expect public money for this? the precedent is there, look how much we are dumping into the Obama Shrine and that will end the prohibition on using public land for private development... at least the Bears are replacing one taxable entity with another

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