In the media, the good, bad and ugly.

Could real journalism be returning?

Probably not. But there was a ray of light today. Is it bright enough not to be snuffed out by the bad and ugly? Let’s see.

The good:

The Associated Press finally acknowledges what most of the big media have ignored: President Joe Biden’s accumulating failures. In “One stunning afternoon: Setbacks imperil Biden’s reset,” reporters Onathan LeMire and Zeke Miller itemize the setbacks that came “all within an hour:”

In a bit of an understatement, the reporters said that the screw-ups could make the achievement of Biden’s agenda “difficult.”

A bonus good:

CNN noticed the human misery that President Joe Biden created at the southern border. Although the report didn’t blame Biden. It did, however, run a video (photo below of a small portion) taken from the sky of where more than 10,000 hopeful illegal aliens from Haiti were seeking shelter

from the scorching, near 100-degree heat while waiting their turn to register with the border patrol. Kudos to CNN for finally doing what FoxNews has been doing for weeks and months–documenting the human suffering caused by Biden’s come-on-in-policies.

The CNN reporter on the ground described in detail the human cost of those policies, noting the absence lack of food and water. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the same old crap reigned.

The bad:

It’s CNN’s heavily slanted story about the trashing of Biden’s booster shot plans. Let’s start with this spinning of the committee’s vote:

The committee stopped short of recommending a booster shot for 16 and older….

“Stopped short?” You mean the vote was close, just short of approval? Nay. It was what would be a slaughter in Chicago 16-inch softball: 16-2. Sixteen to two.

Well surely, in some part of the story, readers would see the score, right? Nay. Nothing. Nada. Zip. It’s the kind of fact you don’t leave out of an honest story. The only direct reference to the vote was, “The vote was messy….”

The headline and lead also were biased. Instead of referring to the 16-2 vote that sticks a fork into Biden’s grandiose booster plan, it took the opposite approach. From it, readers might see the vote a Biden victory as the story focused on the approval of boosters for seniors and people “at risk.” The lead about the Biden defeat is buried deep in the storoy.

The headline read, “Vaccine boosters for more people are on the horizon. But the unvaccinated remain the biggest obstacle to curbing the pandemic.” See, readers are supposed to think, Biden is right about forcing everyone to get vaccinated.

The Reporting 101 grade: F-minus

The Ugly:

MSNBC was certainly prepared for the Washington “Justice for J6” riot that right-wing insurrectionist were planning. Violence. Another breach of the Capitol. Cops injured. Armed extremists. A fence erected around the Capitol. Aerial shots the action. At least two reporters on the ground. The anchor’s desk located someplace where it has a clear, high view of the riot.

Except for this:

It’s my screen shot of MSNBC’s coverage of the “insurrection.”

Maybe a couple of hundred people showed up. MSNBC’s website estimated the “crowd” at 700, a number belied by its reporter who stood alongside this supposedly dangerous crowd. Well, he said, there may be as many reporters there as protesters. Maybe more cops. And some D.C. residents who came out of curiosity to see the bloodbath for themselves. Maybe 100 or so protesters. They could safely return to brunch.

This was curious from the start. I never heard of this group, Justice fo J6. I never heard of its supposed plans to invade the Capitol. The only source of information about it came from the White House and Biden backers in the media.

MSNBC should have gotten the hint before the first protestor even showed up. The Capitol police chief told the National Guard that it didn’t have to carry firearms. That’s because intelligence sources said that a significantly smaller crowd would be there. All the soldiers needed were bludgeons.

MSNBC’s website hid its embarrassment by putting a different spin on the story. Actually, old spin: It’s Trump’s fault. After the so-called riot, the only reference to it on its website was deep under this headline: “Trump allies are still spreading a dangerous Jan. 6 myth.” Even during the “riot,” the thrust of the CNN coverage shifted to the supposedly real right-wing threat: It’s found on social media. Apparently not where it was supposed to have been found, at the Capitol.

On CNN, the only mention was a clip of a goofy protester. See, there’s your typical Trump supporter.

“Could real journalism be returning?” I asked earlier. Not yet.

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  • Looking at the film of those thousands of border-jumpers in Texas leaves me wondering why the hell anyone was stupid enough to vote for Biden knowing that this incompetent fool was going to throw open our borders to anyone who wanted to come here.

  • so what if we are least there are no mean tweets

  • These media parasites love to tear somebody or something down to get ratings. They love to kick you when you are down. If they run out of targets to kick, they will tear a new target down so they can kick it. When desperate for ratings, they will turn on "one of their own" so they can have a target to kick. Looks like that is happening to Biden...his turn in the barrel.

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