Would Facebook block an ad honoring fallen Chicago police officer Ella French?

Not if it would treat her the same as a heroic downstate Illinois police officer.

Ella French
Jeffery Bieber

Facebook blocked ad honoring a hero Illinois cop who stabbed multiple times while doing his job.

East Peoria (Illinois) Police Department patrolman Jeffery Bieber on February 2, responded to a domestic disturbance call, among the most dangerous kind of police duties.

Reports The Epoch Times:

Bieber was repeatedly stabbed in the head and neck by Joshua Crites. Bieber backed away, used his taser, but still could not subdue Crites. Bieber finally shot Crites when Crites got on Bieber’s back. Crites died on the scene, according to a Facebook post by ILACP.

The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police gave Bieber its 2021 Most Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer of the Year award. It wanted to post the ad to honor Bieber but Facebook blocked it. Asked why, Facebook explained the ad was “political”–thereby excluding ads that mentions politicians or officials appointed by politicians without meeting special Facebook requirements.

What? You mean that a police officer now is a politician?

Not exactly. According to the group, the “ad mentioned Bieber’s nominator, East Peoria Police Chief Brodrick, who was appointed by Mayor John Kahl and the City Council.”

What nonsense.

Now, ask what Facebook would do about an ad mentioning Mayor Lori Lightfoot memorializing Chicago Police Officer Ella French, who was shot and killed in the line of duty. Another officer, unidentified as of this writing, was in the hospital fighting for his life.

At a news conference, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said, “Stop. Just stop. This constant strife is not what we need in this moment. The police are not our enemies. They’re human, just as we are.”

Now if Lightfoot wanted to put an ad in Facebook expressing those sentiments and praising the two officers, would Facebook declare it political and subject the mayor the same rules regulating political ads?

Not by any stretch of reason. But that’s where we are. Simple-minded, woke bureaucrats hidden somewhere in the Facebook labyrinth are work. Just one more sorry example.

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  • God Bless American law enforcement and especially Chicago P.D. and the fallen heroes. You can have Facebook...Twitter too. I have always refused to join or partake in any form of Facebook and Twitter. Why anybody would trust their own personal info, thoughts, pictures, and menial petty opinions and musings to such a major platform for anybody in the world to see is beyond me. These companies are in business to make money of its users. The users have benignly granted these platforms the right to intrude, pass judgement, and disseminate peoples most intimate daily events. Who cares? Get a life! Facebook isn't the Bible or the Ten Commandments. By Facebook standards, the Capitol Police are heroes, the rest of American law enforcement is systematically racist. The arrogance of these companies Facebook and Twitter to think they should be the one's to drive, form, and shape public opinion. It is galling.

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