Hello, trolls

Not that there are any on this site.

I liked this: “Who Wants Biden to Fail?” by Charles Lipson 

Oh, for the days when trolls were mythological creatures, living in Nordic caves. Today, they live online, poking us with bitter invective instead of intelligent arguments. That’s what some of President Biden’s defenders are doing, now that he is struggling. With only a weak defense to offer, most are in hiding. The few who venture out in public have turned to a last resort: trolling anyone who dares to criticize the president. Their favorite taunt is “Do you want the president to fail?”

The point here, apparently, is to try and inoculate Biden against any criticism by suggesting that to question his actions is tantamount to wanting the new president to fail and the country with him.

It’s an odd attack coming from the same people who began launching a four-year barrage of invective against Biden’s predecessor before he even took office. Odder still to see the patriotism card played by those who applauded athletes kneeling for our national anthem, endorsed a distorted “1619” history that denies our country was founded on aspirations for freedom, who declare America remains thoroughly racist, and who normally argue that our country is a malevolent force in the world.

Biden is a thin reed upon which to place our confidence that he’ll engineer an evacuation that will rescue every American “who wants to leave” from the clutches of the Taliban and their terrorist allies. That very statement is an exercise in cowardice. No one wants Biden to fail because that would mean that death and misery will visit Americans, their friends and allies, and their innocent families.

I wish that Biden and his administration were as concerned as the rest of us. Except for the trolls, perhaps.

A further thought:

How dare Biden invoke “the buck stops here,” the truth that President Harry S Truman invoked. The great Democratic Truman was courageous way beyond whatever Biden could ever imagine. Biden dares to diminish Truman.


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  • I think Harry Truman would be very pleased with Joe Biden using his message, "The Buck Stops Here." Biden was saying, "I decided to leave Afghanistan now. No one told me to do it, and I blame no one else. It was my decision." Truman would perhaps think of the heap of criticisms directed toward him for the rest of his life because of his decision to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He never apologized for his decision, no matter how unpopular among some it was, and he never tried to shift blame to his advisers or anyone else.

    By the way, one writer's "trolls" are another writer's critics.

  • Truman proud of Biden?? The president who won the war in the Pacific proud of the guy who's retreating before a 15th century army? That's funny.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    Don't you remember how badly we were defeated by a primitive army in Viet Nam? Remember, no matter how much contempt you show for the Taliban, they control nearly all of Afghanistan, including Kabul. The army you Republicans and we Democrats propped up has now dissolved. Even the macho Douglas McArthur knew when to get his ass out of the Philippines.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    McArthur returned.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    But only after tens of thousands, including Americans, died in the Bataan Death March, when the island he abandoned fell to the Japanese.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    Correction: the death toll for the Bataan Death March was only up to about ten thousand, not the "tens of thousands" that I reported earlier.

  • "The buck stops here" is a phrase that predates Truman's use of it by at least 15 years. There's a photograph of it on an American general's desk in 1931.

    I also think Give 'em Hell Harry Truman would have been proud of Uncle Joe.

  • "Man is only a reed, the weakest in nature, but he is a thinking reed. There is no need for the whole universe to take up arms to crush him: a vapour, a drop of water is enough to kill him. but even if the universe were to crush him, man would still be nobler than his slayer, because he knows that he is dying and the advantage the universe has over him. The universe knows none of this.”


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