Americans shellack Biden for botched Afghan surrender.

Why is this man smiling?

But who are the one in four blindly partisan Americans who approve of the disaster?

It’s hard to believe that anyone in his right mind would approve of President Joe Biden’s disastrous handling of the withdrawal of American military forces from Afghanistan.

But there they are in a new poll released by NBC on Sunday–25 percent of those surveyed said they approve. Blind as they must be to the misery of the Afghans, the beatings and deaths, the falling bodies from an evacuating airplane, the U.S. citizens and Afghan allies and their families who can’t make it to the Kabul airport, the abandonment of Bagram Airfield, the leaving behind of mountains U.S. arms, and all the rest.

Blind to the Americans left behind and the human misery

A resounding 60 percent of respondents don’t approve.

Who are these Biden supporters? The poll doesn’t explain. Even though the regular demographic questions were asked of the respondents–age, education, self-identified social class, political affiliation, race and so forth–the poll that’s available online doesn’t break down those categories.

Leaving us to guess.

So, here’s mine: They are so attached to a political ideology that they can’t see or chose to avoid reality. They are Democratic partisans. They are Trump haters. They are cruel and heartless. They are morons. In some or other proportion.

Thankfully, a clear majority see the reality of the disaster. I suspect more will join them as the full impact is realized–possibly some U.S.. citizens left behind or held hostage, the violence subjugation of women, a cradle for terrorist groups and more.

Meanwhile, we await Biden’s next fumbling, rote recitation of the excuses ad lies on his teleprompter.


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  • Dennis...Seeing is believing...we all see the result of the incompetence and denial on TV. What I don't see after several days are any condescending, argumentative responses from your "trolls"

  • I say again: Those who voted for Biden have on their hands the blood of those illegal border crosses on their hands; the same applies to the blood of those Americans who may not make it out of Afghanistan. At one point, I must confess, I felt sorry for Biden because his family and supporters allowed him to be placed in a position where he would be exposed to worldwide humiliation and ridicule because of his plainly visible mental decline. But then I was advised by someone who has spent years in the political arena that Biden knew what was happening to him but chose to run regardless. As one observer has said, Biden has a major ego problem.

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