DuPage County, Illinois Muslims and Chicago cops

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Bucolic DuPage County is losing it. (Chicago Tribune file)

They’re also fleeing DuPage County

A new report, “The US Counties Experiencing the Sharpest Population Declines since the Trump Administration,” repeats the news that suburban DuPage County is losing population. What’s new is that it ranks seventh in the nation among big counties losing population. That’s surprising because DuPage County is mostly Pleasantville U.S.A., home to the stereotypical American suburb–leafy and safe. Must be some other reason, eh? Cook County, by the way, ranks fifth.

Must legislative redistricting take religion into account?

Caselaw requires that community, ethnic, racial political and other demographic factors be taken into account when redrawing legislative districts every decade. But I wasn’t aware that faith communities must also be considered.

The Illinois Muslim Civic Coalition thinks so. The group, in an email, properly criticized the highly politicized and corrupt process in Illinois, but added that:

Illinois has the largest per capita and diverse American Muslim population in the nation. Illinois Muslims are over 3% of the state’s total population and are of every race, ethnicity, and background. Illinois Muslims are business owners, healthcare professionals, educators, union members, factory workers, philanthropists, and tax payers. We strongly support and engage with our public officials, but we also unapologetically call out inequity. It is unacceptable that the 2021 legislative maps provide our diverse communities with zero representation.

Should the Democratic machine that’s doing the redistricting also stop breaking up Catholic parishes that define so many Chicago neighborhoods?

Chicago Cops are getting out.

The Epoch Times reports:

The Chicago Police Department has lost more than 700 officers since 2019, according to data The Epoch Times obtained from the department. In 2019, the department was able to hire 459 officers. In 2020, that number dropped to 157. This year, 105 have been hired as of April 30, based on the data. Meanwhile, 646 officers retired or resigned last year, compared to 592 in 2019. This year, 330 have left as of April 30.

Biden feathers his nest.

You expected otherwise? President Joe Biden needs a lot more staff around him than any previous president. Adam Andrzejewski,  CEO/Founder of OpenTheBooks.com, writes:

Projected four-year costs of Biden’s White House payroll could top $200 million. For comparison, inflation adjusted, the Trump administration spent $164.3 million (2017-2020) and the Obama administration spent $188.5 million (2009-2012). 

Go here for the full list of special assistants, deputy assistants and and, I suppose, assistant assistants.

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  • Sure, we would like an Omar or Talib representing IL. Maybe the constituents in Brad Schneider’s or Jan Sachowsky’s districts could elect a Muslim. Sorry, I already have Raja Krishna……representing me or does having an Indian not count toward enough diversity?

  • In reply to Get out of IL now!:

    I have a former Black Panther, Bobby Rush, representing me. He hated the United States back when it wasn't cool. Now he is hot on the trail those Chicago cops who dared take a break from the Mostly Peaceful Protests of last summer and munched on Rush's popcorn in his office. Nobody messes with the royal popcorn. He will bring them to justice eventually.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Is it the color of Representative Rush's skin that you object to? Fess up. The world is changing, Richard. You're, as they say, on the wrong side of history. And the Golden Rule.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Poor reading skills. Richard obviously doesn’t like Rush’s political positions, past and present. Not a word about his race. Do you automatically see racism in every comment someone makes? Accusations like yours, seeing racism in every corner, only causes division.

  • In reply to Get out of IL now!:

    Raja is an American. Show some respect or is it not in your DNA?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    You again have poor reading skills. Didn’t say Raja wasn’t American, I said he represented diversity, just like blacks, women, Muslims, gays, transgenders, and so on. Is it necessary to have a representative for every diversity group?

  • In reply to Get out of IL now!:

    You said he was Indian. He is no more an Indian than Ted Crews is a Canadian.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    He was born in New Delhi, India, to a Tamil speaking family. His family moved to Buffalo when he was young, then Peoria. So he’s not of Indian heritage?

  • In reply to Get out of IL now!:

    You see an ethnicity. I see a human being.

    BTW, from where are your ancestors? Most Americans could be considered hyphenated.

  • In reply to Get out of IL now!:

    You said he was an Indian, not that he was of Indian heritage, "I already have Raja Krishna……representing me or does having an Indian not count toward enough diversity?" He came to the U.S. when he was three months old. Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada and came to the U.S. when he was three years old. Does that make him a Canadian? And what is his heritage, his mother being American and his father being Cuban?

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