Biden to visit ice cream shop in Crystal Lake, Illinois

Won’t stop on Chicago’s South Side where Republicans shot 104 people over the weekend.

The lucky Crystal Lake ice cream shop where Biden will stop?

No official word from the White House yet about which of about a half-dozen ice cream shops located in and around suburban Crystal Lake he’ll visit.

No official word that he’ll stop at an ice cream shop, but I’ll lay odds that he does, because that’s what Biden does.

Nothing against Crystal Lake, former home of the former outstanding Illinois legislator, Cal Skinner. But isn’t it, well, noteworthy that Biden chose to stop in the peaceful suburb some 35 miles northwest of Chicago rather than Chicago’s blood-soaked West or South sides.

Chicago now can reclaim it’s title, “Beirut on the Lake,” in reference to the  Lebanese Civil War of the 1980s. That supposedly was for Chicago’s “political and racial strife,” but not its street violence. I demure. Beirut was a dangerous place in the 1980s, just as is Chicago today.

Gang wars, revenge shootings, infants and kids killed and wounded in the crossfire. Police handcuffed and disrespected. Cops retiring without sufficient replacements. Structural violence.

And yet, unless I’m wrong, Biden will be shown licking an ice cream cone. Disgraceful. Rome burned while Nero fiddled. Chicago weeps while Biden licks. Perfect.

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  • Dennis, you make some good points here, but I must argue with one. Did you find a way to quiz the shooters -- most of whom, of course, are not in custody -- about their political affiliations?

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    I guessed. I took the clue from the people (e.g. Democrats) who blame Republicans for the shootings.

  • You would think Biden would not want to disappoint some of the 81 million, many of them black, who voted for him and he would stop on the south or west side.

    You would think the Chicago media would ask him why he chooses to get his licks in the suburbs, but they won't. We will know the flavor he gets though.

  • Maybe he'll sniff a 5 year-old girls hair while he's there.

  • No guts, no would think the Pres would at least visit & have a photo-op with the nationally recognized Democratic Big City Mayor of Chicago. He could check a lot of "tribal" boxes on his to do list.

  • Blaming a president for where he didn't go is one of the oldest gimmicks in presidential politics. Lincoln's enemies criticized him for not going hat-in-hand to General McClellan. Seems to me that Trump and the Bushes were called out on this too.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    True. Here's what I've previously written: "A politically savvy friend, the Late Ed Gilbreth, used to say that the question about whether a politician should visit the scene of a disaster, is a lose-lose situation. If you doin’t go, you’re insensitive. If you do go, you’re trying to use the disaster for political purposes."
    I'll have more to say in a coming post.

  • I suppose he should be helping the search and rescue in Surfside, too.
    Get real.

  • The more I think of this, Dennis, the more I think that he may not be mentioning every planned stop. Presidents don't tend to make that public anymore, for their own safety.

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