Alice in Wonderland has nothing on Leftists in Fantasyland.

We’ve plunged down the rabbit hole of progressive nonsense.

Alice in Wonderland is a famous Nineteenth Century satire penned by Lewis Carroll. Leftists in Fantasyland is the theatre of the absurd performed by President Joe Biden and his puppeteers.

How else to explain the flight of liberals/progressives/Democrats from reality and reason? High on the list is President Joe (Cheshire Cat) Biden’s deadly serious (“it’s not hyperbole”) assertion that the fictitious Republican assault on voting rights is the “biggest threat to American democracy since the Civil War.”

Worse than Pearl Harbor? 9-11? World War II? Worse than Jim Crow laws when real systemic racism gave legal blessing to de jure segregation? Worse than lynchings and KKK terrorism?

Biden lived through some of these real threats and should know better. Maybe he doesn’t. Maybe he’s the fool that he appears to be. Or maybe his script writers should acquaint themselves with a modicum of American history.

The statement is beyond wrong. It is dangerous demagoguery, an appeal to the ignorant to believe, if not act on, a lie. It is a call to and excuse for violence. The lie is so obvious that the speaker should be laughed into red-faced shame. Yet Biden pronounces it without embarrassment and pungent with conviction.

Any objective review of the Georgia or some other voting reform laws reveals that they generally aim to balance access to the ballot with protection against fraud. True, a law might reduce the hours of early voting, but early voting still is available in a reasonable time frame. Voters will need to request absentee ballots which makes a lot more sense than blanketing a state with ballots to people who haven’t requested them. Large majorities of Americans favor some kind of valid ID, it’s not the literacy tests required by Jim Crow practices.

If the reforms were so destructive of democracy and if many, many people would be blocked from voting, it should be no problem finding those people who would sign affidavits testifying to that fact. Real examples of anyone who would be shut out of voting are rare, if available at all. Can we find just a handful of people who would find the reforms to be worse than Jim Crow laws?

Bottom line: if Republicans truly are attempting to lock minorities out of voting, then Democrats are campaigning to make fraud easier.

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  • "Any objective review of the Georgia or some other voting reform laws reveals that they generally aim to balance access to the ballot with protection against fraud."

    What fraud?

    Any objective review of the Georgia or other Republican voting "reform" laws would identify the frauds that threaten the integrity of elections. How else can you balance access?

  • In reply to jnorto:

    What fraud? Sure. There's no fraud here in Illinois elections and none in Georga or elsewhere. To suggest otherwise is treason. Why it's tantamount to an insurrection! It's racist, sexist, transphobic to suggest election fraud exists.

    That the Dems won't even consider using the last four digits of your social for ID proves that it's fraud they done did and fraud they will done do.

  • I live in DuPage. Didn’t get much notice but State’s Attorney investigated 32 cases of election fraud, 5 indictments and prosecutions as a result. DuPage doesn’t come close to Chicago and Cook County’s reputation for election fraud. One case was couple with residence in TX that sent mail in ballots to IL. All other cases were people who sent in mail in ballots and voted in person. Not known which candidate benefited and certainly wouldn’t change the outcome in IL. However, two points. Does anyone really believe that the only election fraud in IL or the whole country was only in DuPage County? And the common denominator in these cases and many cases nationwide was “mail in” ballots. Therein lies the fraud and need for reform to maintain integrity of elections.

  • In reply to Get out of IL now!:

    Surely, the SA is a Russian-Trump advocate. Fraud does not exist in any elections. Mr. Norto and the Dems say so, and so it is.

  • Actually, update. On June 21, sixth indictment. Wheaton woman filed for multiple mail in ballots in other voters names. Accused of forgery and fraud. All details available on DuPage State’s Attorney’s website. Original indictments March 9, 2021.

  • In reply to Get out of IL now!:

    Get Out makes my point nicely. In DuPage County, Illinois, 491,067 votes were cast in the last election. Investigations by the County Clerk and the State's Attorney resulted in six people facing election law charges. We do not know how many fraudulent ballots are at issue since some of the charges, including those against the last defendant, are for improperly completing applications for mail-in ballots for others. It is not alleged that she caused fraudulent ballots to be cast. And, of course, no one has yet been convicted of any of the counts.

    Assuming for purposes of argument that each of these defendants represents a fraudulent vote, the ratio of illegal votes to legal ones in DuPage County would be 0.0000122 to 1. Even the State's Attorney acknowledges that it is "infinitesimal."

    If Dennis is right in saying that the purpose of election laws is "to balance access to the ballot with protection against fraud," should it become harder to vote?

  • In reply to jnorto:

    Let's take the voter audits to the swing districts that matter, the ones that changed mid-evening from Trump to Biden with over 100% of registered voters voting -- and some 99.9% voting for the Basement Dweller. The settled "science" that voter fraud did not exist in the 2020 election is laughable. Voter fraud only exists, it seems, when Republicans win.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Every case alleging voter fraud (with perhaps one exception) that was brought before a judge was thrown out for lack of evidence.
    Richard, where is your proof of any significant fraud. If you have none, which I presume you don't, that be a man and admit it.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Jerry, most of the fraud claims were not even heard by judges, who bowed to the pressure of the media and Democrats and declared that in most cases there was "no standing." There are audits going on now which are showing some very serious voter irregularity, in AZ and in GA. As for being a mench, I would think that you would welcome any and all audits into the 2020 election. These are forensic audits. Follow the science, right? Instead, you -- a lifelong Chicago area resident and Democrat-- are pretending that there is no fraud. That's laughable.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    Again, DuPage County is the ONLY county filing election fraud charges. Cook County, with its sordid history, filed none. What are your percentages on there being NO fraud anywhere else in IL? Still infinitesimal? All fraud by mail in ballots, not cemetery or Skid Row voters. When I started voting, there were no mail in ballots, only absentee ballots. Absentee ballots required documentation that the voter was out of town or had medical issues preventing them from in person voting. When did IL go to mail in? I understand several northeastern states only have absentee ballots. Absentee ballots should be the rule, not mail in ballots.

  • In reply to Get out of IL now!:

    What are my "percentages on there being NO fraud anywhere else in IL?" No, my friend, it doesn't work that way. If you demand that the basic right of American citizens to vote be limited by restrictions, the burden is on you to show the need. for limiting that right.

  • Dennis, a federal judge in Michigan would disagree with you. On Monday, she called the "evidence" the Kraken case Trump lawyers presented was 'speculative' and 'fantastical'. Now Powell and Wood and 4 others are awaiting sanctions for fraudulently claiming there was fraud in Michigan vote.

    Do you have evidence? If so, notify the judge and come to their defence.

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