What critical race theory defenders ignore.

Their racist attacks on white people.

A couple of newspaper columns today (here and here) repeat the liberal/progressive/Democratic blarney that critical race theory is merely an innocent and compassionate plea for racial understanding.

Critical race theory enthusiasts, however conveniently, ignore the part about how whites, by the fact that they are white, are haters–consciously or unconsciously–of black people and brown people.

One cites the faultless, nay, the virtuous definition of the theory provided by PolitiFact:

In plain terms, critical race theory holds that racism is part of a broader pattern in America: It is woven into laws, and it shows up in who gets a job interview, the sort of home loans people are offered, how they are treated by police, and other facets of daily life large and small.

The other postulates that all that’s being taught is how:

…Black Americans have suffered through subjugation and violence and the ways in which that legacy is still relevant today in the realms of government, criminal justice, real estate and so on. This really isn’t controversial, or some high-stakes battle over high concepts: It’s plain reality versus people who wish to ignore it.

Who can argue with that? America is guilty of the sins of slavery, Jim Crow and various forms of racism. But the theory also postulates a lot, lot more. “White privilege” and “white racism” are omnipresent and its promoters are omniscient, they claim. But as its name makes clear, it is a theory. The theory is universal, and like many universal statements, it is riddled with exceptions, contradictions and contraries. Is the theory sound enough to formulate sound public policy that allows for no dissent?

The” proof” of the theory relies on statistical differences between the “races”–itself a term that likewise defies accurate definition. For example: A disproportionate number of black men are in jail compared to white men. A disproportionate number of black children score lower on standard tests than whites. A disproportionate number of black drivers are stopped by police than white drivers. And so forth.

But that is a long, long leap from proving that inbred, intrinsic, uncured or whatever racism is the only or even a major variable that explains those disparities. The logic that undergirds the theory violates one of sociology’s major warnings: correlation is not causation.

The theory’s boosters will have to do better than that is they want to persuade everyone or demand complete agreement that the theory is fact.

Maybe they can start by accurately describing what critical race theory is.

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  • A disproportinate number of black men play professional basketball compared to white men. Ergo, by hypocritical race theory, this doesn't show systemic racism against whites but since a disproportioante number of white men are pilots compared to black men, that does show systemic racism against blacks. Good logic in Cloud Cuckooland.but not where real people live.

  • In reply to Elkman:

    The fact that a disproportionate number of Black men play professional basketball shows one thing: they are better basketball players. What I would like to know Mr. Elkman is why this fact bothers you at all.

  • If it is just a "theory" why not openly explore and test it, as you would with Hydroxychloroquine? Why do Republicans want to suppress Critical Race Studies in schools and colleges? If it is wrong, then free and open discussion will expose it. Or in the words of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, it will fail in the marketplace of ideas. Isn't this what the First Amendment means?

  • In reply to jnorto:

    WOW! If anyone suppresses free speech in schools it's the teachers and administrators of those institutions. Question anything about CRT and at the least you are shamed for having a microaggression or worse face suspension.

  • In reply to Studebaker Hawk:

    Mr. Studebaker Hawk, it's pretty clear Critical Race Theory has gotten under the skin of the Republicans aligned with Trump. What BTW do you question about it?

  • Rex Huppke needs to be the first to go when the Tribune makes its cuts. He is no more than a taking parrot for the Democratic Party and has yet to write a column with an original thought. In his Tribune bio he compares his "writings" to that of Mike Royko. If Mike were still around Rexie wouldn't even be allowed to sharpen his pencils.

  • In reply to Studebaker Hawk:

    Duh-leen Glanton is the same thing. Their house negro who writes nothing but race-baiting articles.

  • So your position is that white people are being unfairly accused of being racist. On what do you base this opinion? On hearsay? Anecdotal evidence?

    Have you spoken to Black Americans about your concerns? If you have, what have they told you? Have you yourself been the victim of reverse discrimination? If so, explain.

    Are you concerned about the efforts of Republicans in many red states to suppress the Black and Brown vote?

    White people historically have committed atrocities against Blacks in America. Slavery, Jim Crow, lynching, among the most unspeakable. Of course, you can deny this. But you seem to want to forget this reprehensible reality. Why?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    No, you posit that CRT is beneficial. As any high school debater knows, it's up to you to make your argument. Please refrain from using woke bullet points.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    So you won't respond to my questions. These are not woke bullet points. These are facts. Which you seem allergic to.

  • Above I meant "Of course, you can't deny this."

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