Illinois teachers want even more power, as if they don't have enough already

Legislation backed by teachers unions would require the Illinois Department of Public Health to create regulations before in-person instruction would be allowed at all public, private and parochial schools. State control would replace local control.

Illinois Policy reports:

If Illinois’ largest teachers unions get their way, in-person instruction at all Illinois public, private and parochial schools will be contingent on meeting new requirements to be devised and enforced by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Illinois House Bill 2789, which originated with the Illinois Education Association and is endorsed by the Illinois Federation of Teachers, passed the Illinois House of Representatives April 22 on a vote of 70-42, with almost all Democratic members voting for the bill and all Republicans present voting against it. The bill is now pending in the Illinois Senate.

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  • Marxist tyrants love big government central control of everything

  • The Leviathan grows. The serfs will submit to the state and wonder how and why they have no say in their lives.

  • Illinois Govt. in the person of J B Pritzker has already extended several of his executive order fiats (that were due to expire) regarding covid 19 restrictions. The state and it's bureaucracy just hate to give up power don't they?

  • In reply to HSPARKS:

    It's not the nature of the state to give up power, as you know. And it's not the nature of people to insist on freedom. In this post-Constitutional era, it is the minority that cares about freedom, and they have little voice in today's conversation.

  • There is something wrong with a state of government who exercises the power to keep a geriatric old lady serial airplane stow-away in jail yet allows bail for a felon with four felonies pending to be out on the street to pump countless bullets into a car in a fast food drive-up lane. Yeah...power is in the hands of the people who don't really have the publics interest at heart.

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