117,000 kids arriving by themselves this year at the border. How?

They care more about their partisan agenda than that children (White House photo)

Are there any reporters out there?

President Joe Biden was warned this week that border officials anticipate 117,000 children will arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border without a parent or guardian in 2021.

Can we pause for a moment and think about this: How the hell can 117,000 children get to the border by themselves? What happened to their parents? Do these children trek hundreds of miles all by themselves? This is more than the estimated 30,000 who marched in the Thirteenth Century Children’s Crusade–something that boggles modern minds.

Am I the only one who is astonished by this migration of solo kids? Am I the only one who wishes that reporters would tell us more about them? Are these children just a bunch of numbers?

The numbers are shattering. The 117,000 expected this year is more than three times the 30,000 that arrived last year. It’s even higher than the 68,000 that arrived in the 2014 surge of solo children and the 80,000 in the 2019 “humanitarian crisis.” An estimated 2,000 children are arriving each week in March. 

What we do know is that the Obama administration estimated that in 2014 75 percent to 80 percent had traveled to the border with smugglers–the infamous coyotes. That parents are willing to pay huge sums to hand over their children to strangers–some of them criminals–is a terrifying measure of their desperation.

This much we do know from the National Immigration Forum:

The Congressional Research Service states that some of these smugglers sell migrant children to human traffickers and situations of forced labor and prostitution in order to recoup their costs. UACs who are apprehended by border officials are likely to be experiencing trauma and consequent mental health concerns as a result of these experiences. Deporting UACs presents an increased risk of returning them to contexts of trafficking, abuse and exploitation.

The group concludes that, “Most unaccompanied children arriving at the U.S. border are coming from the Northern Triangle region of Central America, which includes Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.”

The Biden administration cavalierly calls what’s happening on the border a “challenge,” not a crisis. Appalling.

There’s no other way to explain the expected surge than the Biden administration’s virtual invitation to send children and adults our way. Instead of solving the core problem, our attention is redirected at whether the children are stored in “cells” once they arrive. Or whether they are released to face God-knows what fate. Or whether they will be COVID-19 super spreaders.

Biden had nothing to say about the mounting catastrophe. He mumbled something about meeting the challenge, “God willing.” Once again, like-minded Democrats and progressives care so little about child welfare that they’ll tolerate if not encourage the crisis to grow. Just like they care so damn little about child welfare that they’re willing to keep the schools closed.

My loathing for them only grows.


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  • > My loathing for them only grows.

    Are you a little embarrassed by this? Is it an accident that you quote liberally from the Washington Examiner article and blame this on a virtual invitation from Biden, but you fail to quote this part:

    > choosing instead to stick along the lines of a 2007 trafficking law that protected most single children from being deported.

    Again, reasonable people can argue if that law applies, etc. etc. But not you. You loathe these people and just blame Biden for putting out a virtual invitation.

  • In reply to dave77:

    I suppose it's Trump's fault for the huge increase in unaccompanied children at the border. The way that your neck of the woods treats children--at the border and in schools--is truly loathsome. But that won't stop you folks from saying that whatever you do is "for the children." Have you no shame?

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    I don't know if it is Trumps fault or not. Or, if it is just something that is happening because there is a pandemic and lots of people are dying and the world is uncertain.

    Of course, you've blamed it on Biden, for no good reason, and then accused me of blaming Trump. You're getting funnier and funnier.

  • In reply to dave77:

    There is plenty of loathing to spread among the many RINOs who for years have supported high levels of immigration in order to make sure their corporate paramours never run out of cheap foreign workers. Now they're finally taking Jeff Sessions' advice from years ago that the GOP must repackage itself as the party of workers in order to remain a viable option when choosing this nation's leaders. But to answer Dennis' question about whether there are "any reporters out there": In name only. These "journalists" can't spell critical thinking let alone engage in it. In terms of intelligence, these people are still walking around on all fours and during the night sleep in the trees.

  • Let's see. Biden says the number of unaccompanied children at the border is a "challenge" and he didn't say it was a "crisis" angers you so much, Dennis, that you "loathe" him? Isn't a crisis a challenge? Just because Biden used the wrong word, you hate him?

    And, God forbid, Biden mumbled something ending with "God willing" and poured salt on the wound you suffered?

    And then you got really angry, enough, to imprecate, because Democrats are not opening schools fast enough for you and you draw the conclusion that Democrats and progressives are increasing the loathing you have for them?

    Dennis, disagreeing with any policy is one thing, but demonizing the people who disagree with you and quite another thing. Trump did more than enough of that. Our nation doesn't need any more of what he incessantly did.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    This is a joke. You criticize me for "demonizing" people I disagree with?

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    Aquinas is a joke. With all the posting he does, he needs to come up from his mother's basement for a breath of fresh air on occasion.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    "...not opening the schools fast enough for you." As if I'm angry that I'm not getting MY way. No, I'm angry because of what is happening to our children and grandchildren. The way that Democratic-controlled jurisdictions that are controlled by teachers and other government unions have kept the schools closed despite the science that says closed schools are seriously damaging children. And the silence of the left that refuses to acknowledge the damage.

  • Loathe--synonyms: hate · detest · abhor · despise · abominate · dislike greatly · execrate

    I suppose some might consider this a fitting word to select for today, March 4, 2021, the day some predicted would mark the second coming of the Trump insurrection.

  • I think the loathing is for Democrat hypocrisy, whether it be Cuomo/Kavanaugh, follow science but keep schools closed, or Trump “kids in cages” with pictures from Obama’s time. You three are amazing—you reflexively criticize Dennis in a matter of minutes after posting. Have never seen any agreement or compliments for anything Dennis posts. Why do you bother since you basically discourage others from posting to avoid your ridicule of anyone you disagree with, especially Dennis? I’m sure I’m next to be reamed over.

  • In reply to Get out of IL now!:

    The above are not good at "reaming". I've been the subject of their slings and arrows for years. The one thing they cannot tolerate, especially the BillDKatz-type, is mockery. They do not think it possible that someone could poke fun at their idiocracy that they believe wisdom and truth.

    That said, this surge of children will remain a "crisis" for progressives and nothing more, even if those kids will be tossed into "soft-sided" shelters and "steel housing," the same shelters used by the Orange Man.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    And have you been sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought, too?

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    I should assume that everything you say is mockery, right? Since you've never tried to respond to any question with a fact or even some reasoning.

    I honestly don't care if you pike fun at something. What I don't like is when you just make things up, act like they are facts and then complain when people call you out on this behavior.

    What's most funny about this comment is that you are preemptively mocking progressives for not having any response to this crisis because you claim they will do the same thing the previous administration has done. Do you realize what this means you are saying about the response of the previous administration? I doubt it...

  • In reply to Get out of IL now!:

    Nice. We can only comment if we agree with Dennis? Just let us know your rules ahead of time and we can follow them, instead of hiding them and attacking us for not following them.

    What are we allowed to say?

  • Very disappointing to see so many "Americans" disrespect the rule of law and our sovereignty. Yes, this is a self-inflicted crisis because from the beginning of his campaign, Basement Joe Biden has been reinforcing the decades-long message sent by our derelict government that we are not serious about defending our border. Each and every day you folks get get dressed and go about your daily routine that unlike that of the Border Patrol and ICE doesn't call for putting your lives at risk. Well, of course, that's not true if you live in Chicago Mayor Lightfoot's illegal alien sanctuary. In just four weeks, Biden and his "progressive" ilk have undone the Trump administration's fine work to all but shut down this kind of activity. My fervent hope is that even thousands more of these kids and their parents are allowed in and resettled in your communities. The majority of these people are not fleeing persecution or seeking freedom; they are economic migrants who think that there jobs waiting for them at a time when 20 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed. I know that some of you are going to spit out the bogus claim that they will gladly take "jobs Americans won't do." Which jobs are those? Construction? Manufacturing? Services? Here's a news flash for you: The majority of these jobs already are being done by Americans but for wages that have been flat for more than 30 years. Had this lousy government and both morally bankrupt political parties any backbone and integrity, they'd be demanding the removal of the 8 million illegals who currently hold jobs in the three job categories mentioned above. BTW, do you all know who among our most vulnerable working poor is hurt the most by our irresponsible immigration policy? Blacks. You remember black Americans, don't you? They were all the rage in the '60s.

  • My my my...some of you are a bit too sensitive. These columns are opinion pieces...too bad they are just not your opinions. You can dish it out but you can't take it. While you have your Roget's handy...look up a synonyms for opinion.

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