What do Nancy Pelosi and Vladimir Putin have in common?

The KremlinThe Kremlin

A fence around the seat of government

The Kremlin,  meaning a “fortress inside a city” in Russian, has for centuries stood for a tyrannical form of government. Within its walls despots, from the earliest czars, through Lenin and Stalin and up through Vladimir Putin, ruled with iron fists.

They had reason to hide behind walls. They oppressed millions upon millions of people. Stalin killed millions, some say more than died in the Holocaust. Even now, after the fall of the communist regime and the end of the Cold War, the Kremlin’s wall shields the Tyrant Putin.

Now the U.S. Capitol and the Supreme Court–the temples of our living democracy–are walled off from the self-governing citizens of the United States of America. Thank you Nancy Pelosi, who, like Putin, believes that she needs the kinds of protections deployed by the world’s worst despots.

That and thousands of mobilized troops and armored vehicles. Heavily guarded gates to make sure that no “unauthorized” persons get near the seat of government to exercise their right to petition their government.

Never before has anyone in the three branches of government assumed such unilateral power. To say to the world that our form of government isn’t working. That a republican form of government has the seeds of its own destruction.

Yes, a mob took control of the Capitol–even a short time was too much. I called it an insurrection. But, this? It is way too much.

I fear that just the immensity of this fence has not been accurately reported. It’s not just a temporary fence, the kind often seen used for crowd control. It is a (possibly) permanent physical barrier, as effective as that fence that Trump was building on the southern border.

To get a true sense of this mammoth structure, watch this full video: 

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  • Let me see...hmmmm.....who could possibly be to blame for the fence erected around the Capitol to protect it from another attack?

    I remember. Donald Trump. Yes. He incited that angry crowd to march down Pennsylvania Avenue(he would be with them) on January 6th to overturn Biden's legitimate election last November.

    Now, Dennis, write a post comparing Donald Trump to Vladimir Putin. It would be totally accurate.

    BTW, the fence was recommended by the head of the Capitol Police. Not Pelosi. And it's not going to be permanent. So rest at ease.

  • My! What dictatorial powers Pelosi has! As leader of one of two ;houses of one of three branches of government, she is the equal of the Russian czars, Lenin, Stalin and Putin! Are you drifting into the QAnon stuff, Dennis?

  • This is really odd. Democrat-Socialists insisting fences work and are appropriate for Pelosi and Biden but don't work elsewhere. I failed to see a fence built during the insurrection in Portland, OR, when the federal building there was repeatedly attacked by Antifa and BLM, both militant wings of the Democrat-Socialist Party. We shall see how "temporary" this fence around the Capitol really is. My guess is it will stand for at least four years of the Pelosi-Biden dictatorship.

  • The title of this piece should be "What's the difference between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump?"

    Putin needs a fence around his building to keep out the thronging masses.

    America needs a fence around her building to keep out Trump's insurgents, insurrectionists, Fascists, Nazis and assorted White supremacists, nationalists and QAnon zombies.

  • Trump never incited his supporters to riot. Those claiming he did are wrong. Trump encouraged his supporters to show up in DC to protest, peaceably, about the confirmation of of election results where complaints of vote fraud were made by eyewitnesses to it in their sworn affidavits, which were all ignored. Read the text of his speech encouraging the march on D.C. Nowhere in that speech does Trump suggest breaking into office buildings, or trying to get past police guarding these buildings.

    Yes, some in the crowd stormed the office buildings forcing their way in and fought with police. One police officer was killed by a lunatic in the crowd. Four protesters died during the protest, one was an unarmed woman who was shot an killed by a policeman, and three other died in the excitement and struggle.

    The mob that broke into office building should be prosecuted, but let's get one thing straight, "the mob" was not armed. They were no more "insurrectionists" than "the mob" that stormed the Senate building when confirmation hearings were being conducted on Justice Kavanaugh's appointment to the SCOTUS. Many Democrats and those in the media took a much different attitude when their supporters invaded the Senate building during those confirmation hearing, where Senators were threatened by a group of protesters in elevators. Where were the Democrat and media complaints of "insurrection" when mobs of BLM and "anti-fa" protesters broke into retail establishments, looted and burned them to the ground and attacked and even killed some police and some Trump supporters during the street riots that plagued our major cities last summer, while their democrat mayors and governors cravenly stood back and watched the mayhem continue, doing nothing to stop it.

  • In reply to Drew Page:

    > Where were the Democrat and media complaints of "insurrection" when mobs of BLM and "anti-fa" protesters broke into retail establishments, looted and burned them to the ground and attacked and even killed some police and some Trump supporters during the street riots that plagued our major cities last summer,

    Well, because one of the things that was stormed was the seat of the US government and the people that broke into the building had the publicly proclaimed intent of stopping the implementation of the results of a legal election. The other was a McDonalds.

    Which one triggered the remark about insurrection? Was it the storming of the capital, with people threatening violence against members of the government? Or was it the storming of the place that sells Big Macs?

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