Progressive educational policies threaten Chicago public schools

Eli Steele's video on how progressive educational policies are threatening the education of Chicago Public School students.


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  • Don't forget the new "new math" - Equitable Math

    Math where nothing is objectively right or wrong and showing how you arrived at your no longer objectively right or wrong answer is considered white supremacy

    Invented by crazy racist "progressives" (a term that has devolved into Orwellian Newspeak for those promoting REgressive ideas) for stupid people and to create more stupid people

  • In reply to Archangel999:

    > Math where nothing is objectively right or wrong and showing how you arrived at your no longer objectively right or wrong answer is considered white supremacy

    What does this even mean? Did you read this in a comment on Drudge? Please, explain what this is supposed to mean so you don't just sound like you are raving.

  • Bill Gates...I heard of him. He & his wealth are behind an educational push to have the "new math" (just as described by Archangel999) incorporated into public schools. More dumbing down curriculum for those the elites feel need dumbing down in order to succeed in school. Patronizing & mistaken...give these public school students some credit will you...they can succeed. They don't need "E for Effort" type grades. School should be challenging. Raise expectations!

  • In reply to HSPARKS:

    So, when asked to provide some sort of reference that explains this all, your reply is essentially "Yeah, I heard of this".

    I'm curious, do you have some sort of career in education? Have you been doing research in educational methods? Worked as a teacher?

    I'm asking because I'm wondering if this is one of those cases where it makes you feel good to think you know something about this subject so the rest of us are just supposed to pretend that your opinion is important. Maybe to make you feel good or something...

  • In reply to dave77:

    I was being facetious...everybody knows Bill Gates...and you're not curious...just smarmy

  • In reply to HSPARKS:

    I find it telling that when asked to provide some sort of evidence to back up an opinion, some people absolutely refuse to do so.

    Again, why should school be challenging? Does that provide better outcomes in later life? What if schools were rewarding? Would that encourage interest in learning and lead to more independent learners?

    Seriously, aside from making you feel superior and maybe 'tougher' because you can describe your own education as challenging, why should it be that way? I'm guessing that the thought of anyone even asking you to answer a question like that is shocking to you. After all, you aren't an elite. You have no experience in the subject and there is no reason for anyone to assume your opinion carries any weight at all. Therefore, we should all assume you are correct.

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