Parallels between the public shaming by the woke movement and Mao Zedong

No, the public shaming that the Chinese Red Guard used to force conformance under the regime of communist murderer/tyrant Mao Zedong is not the same as the public shaming conducted today by the Woke Dictators.

But the similarities are well worth noting. As in this video. If this doesn’t scare you, then you have no understanding of freedom of speech, conscience, dissent, association and the rest of the pillars of the American form of self-government. So, when it comes to shame, it’s on you.


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  • The talk now from the Left/Democrats is of retribution, no-fly lists, reeducation, and backlisting. They have no understanding of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. For them, "might makes right."

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Can you point to some meaningful talk about reeducation and blacklisting? I mean, I'm sure that there are people who mention it. There are 350million people in the US. I'm sure we could find examples on the right of fascist behavior. Are you comfortable with me assuming that the fringe opinions are matched by the majority of the right?

    Regarding 'retribution, no-fly lists'... Those seems like reasonable punishments for those engaged in sedition. Any argument that this is meant to be applied to anyone other than those who actively engaged in planning this or in executing the violence is wrong. Are you implying that people carrying zip cuffs while marching through the capital, looking for senators and reps haven't committed a horrible crime? One that calls for no-fly lists and jail and serious fines/punishment? I'd love to hear your reply to this very specific question.

  • Backlist: a list of books a publisher has in print.

    Richard, can you cite which Democrats or people on the Left that are advocating reeducation or blacklisting?

    The Constitution does provide for impeachment, as you know. And none of our rights are absolute. Each comes with a responsibility.

    The no-fly list would be enforced for domestic terrorists.

    Richard, if you are concerned that your Constitutional rights are being threatened, I suggest you contact the ACLU.

    In the meantime, stay safe and be well. Better times are ahead.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    !. AOC -- Thinks an enemies list is a good idea.

    2. Michael Beller, PBS, General Counsel, on tape suggesting that Trump supporter's children be sent to reeducation camps.

    3. The Democrats have a broad brush for who is considered a domestic terrorist and who would not be allowed to fly.

    4. So, Joe McCarthy's actions caused no blacklisting in Hollywood?

    5. Our own Howard Moore just published an article here on retribution. I could be wrong, but I believe he is a Democrat.

    The only saving grace about Harris -- er, Biden-- becoming president is that the TDS postings on Chicagonow will slow. Otherwise, expect an erosion of freedoms, more censorship, and a further shrinking of middle income earners.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    I did a google search for "aoc enemies list" and went through the first two pages of results and couldn't find AOC actually calling for an enemies list. I read multiple articles where people claimed that she had an enemies list, but none of those articles linked to what she actually said or meant.

    I was surprised that you didn't comment on people suggesting that gays should be put in prison or beaten:

    As far as 'The Democrats', I'm not sure what 'The Democrats' are saying. We know what the FBI has said and that the leader of the FBI has, just within the past few months, said that domestic terrorism from white nationalists was the greatest threat facing the country. Looks like he was right. Recent news has shown that there are quite a few white nationalists who are planning domestic terrorism, so a broad brush does seem appropriate. If you don't have anything more specific than that, it doesn't seem like you have a reasonable argument.

    As far as Howard Moore... Why do you believe he is a Democrat? Honestly, the fact that you don't know, yet still made this argument doesn't speak well for the argument. Mr. Moore obviously doesn't like Donald Trump, yet he's also referred to Nancy Pelosi as the poster child for term limits. But, I guess 'Democrats' are guilty of something because Howard Moore wrote a blog.

    BTW, Moore's blog was pretty specifically about insurrectionists. He went out of the way to point that out. Since most of the members of Congress who encouraged sedition won't face legal consequences for their actions, retribution from Congressional leadership seems appropriate, don't you think? If not, I'd love to know why not.

  • Dennis, in your opening you admit that the public shaming practiced by what you call The Woke is not the same as that done by the Chinese Red Guard. Then in your next paragraph you seem to suggest it might as well be. Guilt by similarity, no matter how slight?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    So, you see no similarities.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    Aquinas obviously implies that 'guilt by similarity' isn't appropriate. You then just reply that they are similar. Is that what you meant to do?

  • In reply to dave77:

    Yes, they are similar. Did you watch? You don't see any similarity?

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    The question was 'guilt by similarity, no matter how slight'?

    If you say, is there a similarity between the government sending armed guards and groups of citizens asking other people to do something are dissimilar enough to make the comparison silly.

  • Does it really matter who has a blacklist? Check out the paragraph about half way through beginning with "The Lincoln Project."

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