Hey, suburban soccer moms, how do you like your Joe Biden now?

Are you okay with biological boys competing against your daughter in sports, or using a bathroom, locker room and shower with her?

Among the flurry of executive orders that President Joe Biden signed on his first day in office was one that puts a fully equipped biological male, among others, into your teenage daughters’ high school locker rooms and showers.

That’s after these born-male youths work up a sweat competing in your daughters’ soccer game, track meet, volleyball match, golf tournament or any other high school sports,

Same goes for colleges and K-10 schools under the threat of losing federal funding–something that cash-starved school districts can’t risk,

Biden’s executive order makes clear that he is not on the side of your daughters’ privacy and equality. It says:

Children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the restroom, the locker room, or school sports. 

That reverses a Trump administration directive that reversed an earlier Obama administration “guideline” It had likewise threatened the loss of federal school funds if a guy who thinks he’s a girl hangs out in the girls’ bathroom, locker room and shower,

Biden wasted no time with such niceties as public hearings, publication in the Federal Register or congressional debate before signing the order. If a reporter asked Biden if this doesn’t violate his promise to promote democracy and transparency the president might respond, “C’mon Man!” Although I doubt that a reporter in the corporate media complex would ask the question.

On its face, the idea of letting boys after puberty compete against girls is stupid, an outright affront to common sense and science. In all respects male bodies are stronger, faster and heavier than females. The mind that tells a boy that he’s a girl changes none of that. Boys competing on girls’ team is unfair, unequal and was illegal until former president Barack Obama and now Biden came along.

Ignoring the facts and science, the forces that control Biden would deprive girls of their dreams. It would make all those days, months and years of preparation to compete a waste of time. Ideology has blinded this corrupt form of feminism to ignore how the Biden order virtually eliminates the rights that females have long fought for under Title IX. Instead, it has obliterated all meaning out of the federal law that required girls to have an equal opportunity to engage in sports.

And what of girls’ privacy? The right of privacy undergirds laws and caselaw that supports a woman’s right to choose. For some the right to privacy is sacrosanct, even absolute.

Except when it comes to a girl’s pre-teen or teenage body. It’s when girls are most aware of their “body image.” They worry what they “look like” even when they are clothed. Image their anxiety when they are forced to change and shower in the presence of a male’s body. Even if that male’s mind tells him that he’s a girl.

Under the Obama administration’s locker room orders, one suburban Chicago school was even forbidden to install “privacy curtains” for girls who wanted to change out of sight of biological boys. The reason: It would treat the biological boy unequally. His (err, I must say, “her”) right to expose himself and watch naked girls must be undiminished.

It raises a broader question: Why the children? Do the same rules apply at, say, L.A. Fitness? Are women there required to tolerate any man who defines himself as a woman to wander into the women’s locker room? Children are suffering under the Democratic regimes, whether by extinguishing gender differences or by idiotically keeping them out of classrooms based on unscientific reasons.

Sure, Biden, now that he is safely in office, joins former president Donald Trump in wanting to open schools. But why the hell didn’t Biden come out sooner in defense of girls and children? Which is the same as asking why some Democratic governors, like J.B. Pritzker in Illinois, are beginning to open up (albeit slowly) their economies, now that Biden is president.

This is lunacy. That Biden wasted no time corrupting female rights on his first day in office tells you something about his independence of mind and, ultimately, his judgment. Painfully, girls will be stuck with the consequences of Biden’s decision for at least another four years.

Unless soccer moms who voted for him now fully understand the consequences of their choice and vote him out of office. And unless Republicans come to their senses and put forward a presidential candidate who is electable.


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  • Joe Biden represents the party of science. Those people born with XX or XY chromosomes are the same is settled Leftist science.

    As for the soccer moms getting all aflutter, I doubt it. They would be shamed and so would their children.

    As for the Republicans running somebody who can win... four years from now it will be somebody like Mitt Romney or John McCain, both losers. The Republicans do not want to win. It's easier to join in the graft and political correctness if they are the minority party.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:


    Another EO that you comment on without bothering to read...

  • I've read the Executive Order under consideration and I do not agree with how you are interpreting it. You've taken a passage out of it and drawn conclusions that do not reflect the purpose and tenor of the Executive Order as a whole: preventing discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation.

    The contretemps you imagine come across for what they are: scare tactics to persuade people, especially "soccer mothers" to oppose the Executive Order.

  • This is the statement of policy in the EO: "Every person should be treated with respect and dignity and should be able to live without fear, no matter who they are or whom they love. Children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the restroom, the locker room, or school sports."

    What is the case for discriminating against these children?

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