Did President Biden listen to his own advice about "unity?"

It didn’t appear that some of his supporters did.

That was a nice inaugural speech that President Joe Biden gave–as in kind, cordial, gentle and okay. Widely acclaimed for having struck “the right note,” Biden deployed every cliche, bromide and platitude to call the country back to his notion of unity.

Until he didn’t, when he tossed another bone to his sore winners. That’s when he revealed that his idea of unity was painting Trump’s supporters as defenders, perhaps even advocates, of domestic terrorism and racism.

Clearly he didn’t come right out and call them that, but no one had to guess to whom he was referring. Ex-president Donald Trump surely was the Master of Mean (yes, I agree, for which he was widely and justly scorned), just as Biden’s supporters are kind, civil, decorous, hip and decent to the core. That was the message. I suppose I should add something about their good taste, as exemplified by Lady Gaga’s protuberant from-the-butt-down red dress that made her look like a bell about to be rung.

Oh, I know, that’s the kind of nastiness that Biden’s people expect to hear from the other side. Ignoring, of course, the divisive attacks on former First Lady Melania Trump (here and here, for example). Everything from her yucky taste in fashions to her disinterest in typical First Lady causes, all of which were repulsive when compared with the sainted Michelle Obama’s. Resisting a final slap proved for some to be irresistible.

Immediately after Biden’s call for level-headed, dispassionate and unifying language, I turned onto MSNBC to see how the advice was being taken. Sure enough, the two lady commentators were reinforcing their loathing for the presence of Trumpers at the inauguration. Seeing Sen. Ted Cruz, who exercised his right to challenge the election results, made their “blood boil.” Clearly, they agreed, he nor anyone else of his kind, shouldn’t have shown his shameless face.

Unity for me, but not for thee.

Biden himself failed to “reach across the aisle.” He typically mealy-mouthed his way around questions about whether he supported or opposed the vengeful Democratic leaders insistence on the unconstitutional and irrational  Senate trial to throw out of office a president who was no longer in office. Whatever they, the senators, decide, Biden remarked–from a safe distance.

Nor did he call on the barons of social media to hear his message of open arms. Silence, as the woke reminds us, is violence.

The Democratic hate squad of course would have found reversing course after Biden’s call for niceness to be much too difficult. They had nailed in their contempt before the inauguration. Here, unity means “Every leader of the GOP must finally offer a full-throated rejection of the lie that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump.”

So, unity isn’t  possible until Americans re-embrace facts–the facts as defined by the Left. Well, speaking of lies, here’s one of the most divisive, coming from the lips of woke priests: America is racist. White supremacy is everywhere. Structural racism is embedded.

Yes, those are lies. They are peddled in the hope that the public is too ignorant to know how much America has moved on from its ugly past of slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, real voter suppression, de jure and de facto segregation and more. Accusing Americans of not moving “one iota” is more than painful to hear for the many Americans of good faith who fought, some giving their lives, to change the sordid past. It is an unconscionable–no, an immoral–slander committed against good people.

Over at the Washington Post, one Philip Bump proclaimed, “National unity would be required to address climate change and the scourge of extremism, particularly racist extremism.” Meaning: Cast aside any ridiculous scientific challenge to the global warming orthodoxy. Or an opposite view on the prevailance of racism.

His is one more irrational attack on anyone who believes that the Left’s description of racism and extremism in America is too broad and inclusive. Might not it help America unity if the Left made clear that there are decent, carrying and respectful people on the other side, ones whose positions coincide with Trump’s because they have concluded that those policies are the best for America? Just as the Left demanded that the Right agree (I agree) that not all the summer protests against racism were violent?

No, that would be too close to the truth. Come to confession all ye sinners, seek forgiveness on bended knee and then we can talk about unity. The kind of unity that raised full-throated cheers from the crowd in the Roman Coliseum as the Christians were marched out to meet the friendly lions.

Yes, there will be unity when respect for the other side is clear and unequivocal from both sides.


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  • "Kind, civil, decorous,hip and decent to the core." Yep, that'sa me.

    Lady Gaga? Dennis, I never knew you were into fashion.

    Speaking of lynchings, Trump's insurrectionists even brought along a scaffold to do what the white supremacists used to do up until the early 1960s.

    Ah, yes, global warming orthodoxy. Is that like spherical Earth orthodoxy?

    The opposite view of the prevalence of racism? You mean no racism?

    Of course, Hawley and Cruz are honorable men, who just happened to believe the election was not free and legitimate after all the courts and fellow Republicans said it was. And they, even after the attack on the Capitol, continued to do so.

    As the FBI rounds up the insurrectionists whose attack on the Capitol results in 5 deaths and wholesale destruction to one of our Democracy's sacred sites, I'm not worried about the Coliseum. I'm worried about another attack by these groups of domestic terrorists who make it quite clear that they are anarchists, white nationalists, and racists.

    Dennis, let's pick up the olive branch Biden has extended and not figuratively take a gun to Congress like a Republican Congressman actually did.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Well put, AW. Dennis, didn't you hear President Biden's request to "Hear me out"? Or did you decide you've heard enough so early?

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    I heard him out, and agreed with him. Then he came to that part where he spread blame on the other side.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    The shoe appears to fit. Why are so many people upset that they are just being asked to pick up their own shoes.

    Michelle Obama was called an Ape enough times that if you really cared about civility you would have addressed it at least once. You haven't.

    It sounds like this post is really about feelings getting hurt.

  • "Yes, there will be unity when respect for the other side is clear and unequivocal from both sides." Dennis, did you show respect for the other side? Do you plan to?

  • Unity is a dangerous word.

    In the hands of the Democrat-Leftists, it means silencing and ruining the opposition by whatever means necessary, including physical assault. They believe they have the moral high ground and opposition to their ideas is violent and dangerous.

    This is the path to creating political outcasts and prisoners; it is the path to civil war; it is the path that has been chosen by the rabid Leftists, such as AOC, who dangle Biden by his puppet strings and control the Democrat-Socialist Party.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    I guess we can count you as a no vote in Dennis's call for unity.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    The call for unity, as I said, extends to both sides showing respect for the other. When you do that?

  • In reply to jnorto:

    I am a "no" for Biden's call for unity (see above, again). Unity to Biden et al -- and I am supposing you as well-- means submission to your ideology. No, thanks.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    The Right has made clear how they feel about unity.

    Feel free to find the 'Left' equivalent of members of the Republican party who publicly support 'Q'. Go ahead. Find me members of Congress who state the equivalent of "Democrats are slaughtering children in satanic rituals and eating their bodies in the basement of a pizzeria". Seriously, find me the Democratic members of Congress who are publicly and repeatedly saying things like that.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Your comments are off the wall. The physical assault on the Capitol was made by the violent and dangerous domestic terrorists on the Right. Richard, get with it already. You're becoming a monotonous griper.

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