The Chicago Teachers Union is a national disgrace

Chicago Teachers Union President Jesse Sharkey who is NOT the boss of Chicago Public Schools. (John J. Kim / Chicago Tribune)

Chicago Teachers Union President Jesse Sharkey who is NOT the boss of Chicago Public Schools. (John J. Kim / Chicago Tribune)

While some other big city public schools are working toward opening their schools for in-classroom instruction, the reintroduction of in-person learning in  Chicago Public Schools is being stifled by the Chicago Teacher Union leadership.

The CTU isn’t just opposed to in-school instruction, it his seeking an injunction to slam the school door shut. And it has unveiled “demands” would hand control of the schools over to the union, rip ping it out of the hands of parents and the public.

All while some other big city teachers unions are working with school authorities to safely open the classrooms.

As the New York Times reported:

At a national level, unions have largely joined a growing scientific consensus that reopening elementary school is relatively safe during the pandemic.

“Unlike adults, elementary school students actually follow the rules, and actually have been really good at wearing their masks and adhering to physical distancing,” said Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers.

In case you missed it, that’s the president of the American Federation of Teachers who said that. Amazingly, that’s in New York City, where Mayor Bill de Blasio has made himself a total ass in front of the world for his anti-science lockdowns.

This is the @CTULocal1 that tweeted (since taken down),“The push to reopen schools is rooted in sexism, racism and misogyny.” If anything is sexist and racist, it’s the CTU union whose fight to keep children out of the classroom falls heaviest on minorities, impoverished and others that science demonstrates are most damaged by remote instruction. 

But nothing will get in the way of the union’s stunningly transparent and selfish campaign to keep the schools shut down. Oppose the CTU’s greedy demands, and it threatens, once again, to strike, causing irreparable damage to the people that the teachers claim to care most about.

Chicago schools plan to gradually open in early 2021 for simultaneously teaching in person and virtually, a strategy employed at a number of other school districts but flat-out rejected by the CTU. 

The union wants an arbitrary 3-percent city positivity rate before opening classrooms, a rate that would virtually ensure all-remote instruction. A full description of the demands are found here, here and here. Taken together, the demands are a blatant attempt to take over the control of the schools. It does no good to remind the union that running the schools is legally and appropriately in the hands of a board appointed by an elected mayor who is answerable to voters, taxpayers, parents and other stakeholders.

What makes the union’s demands so appalling is the fact that examples of in-person learning exist right here, in a charter school and Catholic schools.

Reports NPR:

Chicago Charter School Says In-Person Learning Is Boosting Grades And Attendance.

As Chicago Public Schools prepares to resume in-person classes early next year, one charter school says that model is working for its students….

North Lawndale College Prep, which has two campuses, has been doing in-person school two days a week. Some 370 students, or nearly half their student body, signed up for the hybrid model.

For a view on how the Catholic schools are doing, read this Chicago Sun-Times editorial,

Kids belong in school — the real thing — and Chicago can make it work. For proof that Chicago’s public schools can be reopened safely, look no further than the successful example of the city’s Catholic schools.

The science is clear that opening the schools is not high-risk for students or teachers. So, in addition to arrogant and destructive, add anti-science to the Chicago Teachers Union’s portfolio.

Related: “The kids are like ‘casualties of war’ in the Chicago Teachers Union’s power play to keep schools closed,” by John Kass.


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  • Leisure Suit Lori will talk tough and then roll over like a lapdog to the CTU as she's done multiple times before - the CTU runs Chicago, like Madigan runs Illinois - corruption abounds

    Perhaps the solution is to tell CTU that if schools do not reopen, that HALF of the teachers can be fired as well as ALL of the school service personnel - they're clearly not needed if everything is virtual - class size doesn't matter in a virtual world, especially since the teachers are already doing such a lousy job of teaching as it is

  • fb_avatar

    Another reason Chicago parents need vouchers.

  • fb_avatar

    There's a very good reason why other big cities are farther along in reopening in-person instruction than Chicago is: at least as of the last time I checked, Chicago is pretty much at the epicenter of the current wave of the coronavirus.

  • We gave up and relocated to FL for the winter and with a single phone call was able to enroll our kids at the local elementary school. They classified us as "displaced people". That's what the rest of the country thinks of NY and IL people fleeing their backwards dystopian hell holes. I honestly dont think that after spending winter and spring here I'll be able to get the wife and kids back to IL. The suns out, the economy is wide open, restaurants arent being forced out of business and the infection rate is basically the same or better than up north even with all the elderly.

  • In reply to marco:

    I think you're on to something. Leaving restaurants open and refusing to take basic precautions during a pandemic is actually what you should do to keep your infection rate the same or better than places are taking those precautions.

    Why hasn't anyone else thought of this?

  • I think that in any case, we should respect the teachers, and in Chicago as well. Because their work is very important to us. But in the coming time, we are less and less dependent on them, our children are switching to a remote form of education. And now they study more on the Internet than at school. For example, my children do all tasks using and they don't need teacher's help. I really hope that a place for former teachers will be found in a world where there are no more schools. I think they will all become private tutors.

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