The 'cult' voters of the Democrat Machine failed to knife Judge Toomin, just barely

Judge Michael Toomin speaks after swearing in former U.S. Attorney Dan Webb as a special prosecutor related to the Jussie Smollett case on Aug. 23, 2019. (Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune)

Judge Michael Toomin speaks after swearing in former U.S. Attorney Dan Webb as a special prosecutor related to the Jussie Smollett case on Aug. 23, 2019. (Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune)

If supporters of President Donald Trump are members of a cult (here, here and here,  for example) who blindly support the most evil man to ever inhabit the White House, then what do you call the Democratic voters who followed the Machine’s orders to oust one of the most respected judges on the Cook County bench–Michael Toomin?

As of this writing, more than 500,000 Cook County voters complied with the Machine’s directive to  oust Toomin as a circuit court judge. Some 62 percent voted to retain him, just barely past the 60 percent required.

It mattered not to them that Toomin is regarded as one of the most competent judges in the county. He’s widely praised by his fellow judges and members of the bar. He’s fair and honest.

The Machine, however, wanted him out because he is–gasp–independent. Toomin’s mortal sin was trying to get to the bottom of the Jussie Smollett scandal. He  appointed an independent prosecutor to look into whether Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx clouted his get-out-of jail free card for faking a hate crime attack against him and the tuna-fish sandwich that he was holding. 

Toomin’s sin was doubly abhorrent because Foxx is the protege of Cook County Board President and the county’s Democratic Party Chairman Toni Preckwinkle, who vowed revenge. How dare Toomin do what was legal and right!

Toni Preckwinkle (Cook County government)

Toni Preckwinkle (Cook County government)

So Preckwinkle ginned up the campaign to knife Toomin, justifying it with an excuse that was so transparently concocted as to be laughable, not even worth repeating here.

Preckwinkle once was a Hyde Park reformer. It’s sad to see someone fall so far.

Having been in Chicago journalism for decades, I have difficulty remembering anyone getting the Machine’s shiv so obviously and shamelessly. Usually the blade is planted in the dark of night. Sometimes the victim is offered a chance to fall on his sword in exchange for some cushy but less important job elsewhere.

So, this is what it has come to in the Democratic-run Cook County. An open beheading, cheered on by a half a million compliant, mindless voters.

As it is asked about Trump supporters, “Who are these people?” Are they so blind that they couldn’t see whom they were knifing? Does merit mean nothing? Does loyalty require a Kremlin-like cleansing? Are the precinct captains, political consultants and other paid assassins who carried out the execution orders so obedient that they’d do the Machine’s bidding, no matter how unfair, senseless and loathsome?

Oh sure, some people voted in good faith and belief to oust Toomin because they think he’s a horrible judge. How many do you think that is?

The Democratic Machine of Richard J. Daley and successors was declared dead a long time ago because, some argued, that patronage now came in the form of pinstripes instead of shoe leather. That the contractors, insiders and wealthy donors were replacing the foot soldiers who ran doorbells and got out the vote.

Ha and ha. It never really died. It didn’t hibernate. So confident now that it conducts its sordid affairs in full sight, shamelessly. Made possible by hundreds of thousands of the acquiescent.

Who are these people?

John Kass said it better.


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  • He was retained, wasn't he? Those who voted not to retain him certainly had the right to do so. You wrote a whole column just to create another false equivalency.

    I'll believe there is a cult on the left when Biden starts holding rallies, and passing out blue caps with a slogan on them, and mouths one lie after another, and gets thousands on the left to blindly believe every lie he tells and every con he perpetrates.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    The really cool thing is the Left doesn't have to believe every lie Biden spouts and every con he perpetrates to be cultish. The Left can substitute any liar or con for him and still push on (See Kamala Harris). Oh, and the black balaclava hoods of the Democrat-endorsed Antifa beats those goofy red hats any day, right? And riots by Antifa are so much more exciting than a rally, no?

  • fb_avatar

    You mean like the lies Biden tells about his son Hunter and that he didn't know anything about his dealings with China and the Ukraine?

  • In reply to Ken Dietz:

    Talk about tinfoil stuff... Do you think that if Hunter or Joe had done anything illegal or unethical the Senate committee investigating those two would have released a report stating that this is no evidence that they did anything illegal or unethical?

    Did you even know the Senate did this? You know, the Republican led Senate? The one that Moscow Mitch is running? Do you think they would have said there is no evidence of this if there was even of whisper of evidence?

    You conspiracy nuts would be funny if you weren't so dangerous.

  • In reply to Ken Dietz:

    Okay, Mr. Whatabout, let's just say that Joe knew about his sons dealings with China and Ukraine (not "the Ukraine" - you don't say THE Russia, do you?).

    Besides the FACT that those claims have been investigated by Trump's own DOJ and found baseless, so what?

    Trump launched a campaign of corruption when he launched his campaign for the presidency in 2015. Had you bothered to read just 50 pages of the Mueller Report, you would know that everyone on team Trump was up to their eyeballs in Russian agents and lied about their contacts.

    You would know that Trump was an agent of Russia and obstructed justice to hinder the investigation.

    If you ever tried to find some news for yourself, you would know that a REPUBLICAN committee issued a ONE THOUSAND PAGE report substantiating EVERYTHING in the Mueller Report.

    Trump and his ENTIRE FAMILY have been using the presidency to enrich themselves. Ivanka got lucrative trademarks in China the day she had dinner with Xi Jingping at Mar-a-Lago.

    Trump hired a Republican donor as Postmaster General to dismantle the Post Office just to create the kind of confusion he is now calling corruption.

    Whatever Joe knew or didn't know about his son, there is NO EQUIVALENCY to anything going on this administration, where every agency and department is headed by a billionaire, a lobbyist, or someone whose only qualification is the determination to dismantle the very agency they head.

  • Not surprisingly, you really have nothing to say.

    As a general rule, using the word "Democrat" as an adjective and a pejorative should be beneath the dignity of any self-respecting "writer."

    Many Democrats, including myself, voted for every Democrat running and rejected every Republican, where possible.

    I used to go down the list and vote for individuals, but the past four years have unmasked the willingness of Republicans to enable a corrupt administration instead of honoring their oaths of office.

    Our votes were meant to be a repudiation of a shameful Republican Party, not because we got any marching orders from the "Machine," however those were supposed to reach us.

    As for the very tired tactic of projecting your own flaws onto others, calling Democrats a "cult" is beyond ridiculous.

    You were right about one thing though; "...supporters of President Donald Trump are members of a cult (here, here and here, for example) who blindly support the most evil man to ever inhabit the White House"

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