Thank you, Joe Biden, for the Covid-19 vaccine

While President Donald Trump did nothing to halt the coronavirus pandemic, we are ever so grateful that you, Mr. President-elect stepped up to give us a vaccine to fight Covid-19.

In no time at all, you’ve made up for Trump’s dithering response to the highly infectious disease. Mr. President-elect, we know for sure that you’ll get companies to discover and manufacture the vaccine. You’ll put in place a distribution system to ensure that everyone will have access to the vaccine.

Just like you kick started the campaign to secure enough hospital beds, testing kits, ventilators, masks, therapeutics and more to fight Covid-19.

And you’ll get all of this done on the first day of your administration. Bravo! You da man!

This is so, because we know that Trump did nothing, absolutely nothing, to get these things done. You’ve already established a Covid-19 task force that’ll make up for lost time and before we know it, Covid-19 will be driven from our midst. That should take, oh, 30 days at the most.

Unlike the Trump administration that offered no hope, no encouragement, just doom and gloom, the Biden team will turn the tables and, for once, we’ll get a positive outlook for the eradication of the disease. Now that you’ve won the election, the sun has risen, hope is alive and dark clouds have vanished.

The Biden administration will create a first-of-its-kind public-private partnership that will in record time create a safe vaccine. Biden’s team cleared away all those bureaucratic regulations that would have delayed the creation of a useable vaccine for years. And to make it safe, Biden will micromanage the effort from the White House, and, of course follow the science at every turn. I know, your supporters said that whatever vaccine that Trump came up with would be suspicious or unsafe. But because you’re involved now, the vaccine will be safe and anyone who says it isn’t is anti-science.

We all know that Trump hasn’t followed the science, because we can see that the death rate hasn’t  gone down and useful therapeutics haven’t been developed. And we’ll be ready for any increase in hospitalizations by bringing in the Army Corps of Engineers to build temporary ICUs and the Navy to deploy its hospital ships to the hardest hit regions. Stuff that Trump didn’t do.

Obviously, lockdowns will be necessary. People must stay home. No one over for Thanksgiving or Christmas. No restaurants or stores open. Small businesses–the biggest source of the pandemic–must permanently shut down. Children and parents will have to adapt to remote learning for, well, until there’s no trace of the disease anywhere in the galaxy. That’s because, as science tells us, children are the most likely to catch and transmit the disease. We know, too, if Trump had imposed a lockdown when the virus was first detected coming from God know where, there’d be no pandemic and a quarter million people would not have died on Trump’s watch.

See, Trump needs to be blamed for all the bad stuff that happened while not getting any credit for anything good that just happened, by coincidence, on his watch.

God bless you, Joe Biden, for getting all that good stuff done without even stepping out of your basement hide-away. If the media had wasted your time by asking any serious questions about how you would do better, you would not have had time to save us.

Happy days are here again.

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For those who never heard of Warp Speed or believe it has nothing to do with anything, here’s a link to the Trump administration’s timeline. 

For those who swallow whole the Biden criticism that “Trump has no plan!” below is a 60-minutes segment on the Trump administration’s plans for distributing the vaccine. 

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    Let's also thank Joe Biden for bringing peace to the Middle East (he deserves a Nobel Prize for that just like his former boss) and for finally securing and normalizing our southern border immigration problems.

  • In reply to Ken Dietz:

    Trump didn't bring peace to the Middle East; he just gave the appearance to doing so. The relationship between Israel and the Palestinians remains as volatile as it has ever been.

    Trump has not secured or normalized our southern border or done any comprehension immigration reform. That situation remains as broken, if not more broken, than before.

  • > I know, your supporters said that whatever vaccine that Trump came up with would be suspicious or unsafe.

    Really? How many said this? Did you find one person, somewhere, that said that? Or, did all of his supporters say this?

    Does your conscience ever bother you when you spit stuff like this out? I'm reminded of someone who once said that the conservative media was 'millionaires acting at the direction of billionaires to fool the middle class'. I won't necessarily accuse you of being millionaire, but that's just because you didn't hold out for enough money before selling your conscience down the river.

  • Two points:
    Was Joe Biden president or otherwise in a position to direct billions of dollars in government money to pharmaceutical companies to develop vaccines? To use presidential powers to order manufacturing of equipment? To order the military to open hospitals?

    Who decided to do these things? Was it Donald Trump? Or was his public health advisors, now vilified and ignored by Trump? Who decided that masks and social distancing were unmanly and unnecessary? How many lives did that decision cost?

  • I will stop commenting on Dennis' blog from now on. I now just read it to see how quickly his three main critics can rip him. Looks like less than two hours. Typical of cancel culture-don't rationally discuss the issues, don't give him one word of credit, just rip the author's every word with a superior, know it all attitude as if Dennis is a fool not entitled to his own observations or opinions. I'm sure aquinas wired will do his part soon, first two have already did their usual. Don't you feel outnumbered, Ken Dietz? They don't listen to you, either.

  • In reply to Get out of IL now!:

    I apologize. I didn't realize that all of this software allowing people to comment was only intended for people who agree with Dennis. Thanks for correcting me. Dennis states his opinion, pretends that it is facts, and then the people who feel good about what he writes get to comment about how good they feel.

  • President Biden will pick up where Trump left off. The good under Trump, whether by him or despite of him, Biden will accredit; the failures under Trump, Biden will strive to correct. Unlike Trump, Biden will work for the common good of the nation, not for his personal interests or ego. No doubt, Dennis, the common good is your highest priority too. Covid-19, as many have said, is neither a Republican or a Democrat. Let us, all Americans, hope and pray, Joe Biden will succeed in conquering it, however history judges Donald Trump.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:


  • Dennis, how high were you when you wrote this?

  • In reply to mancow:

    High enough.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    Im sorry, im very confused, what exactly did biden do? Im slightly confused as to why you are crediting him for something he had absolutely no power over.

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