Saying that you're not racist is violent racism

This is from a Canadian professor, according to the Western Standard: “Being ‘not racist’ is a form of ‘racist violence’”

Claiming to be “not racist” is actually a form of racism because it perpetuates the myth that it’s possible to not be racist, says a U of C prof and the school’s vice provost.

“But I’m suggesting that beyond this well known denial of racism, what is particular to what I’m calling “not racism”, is that it contains a definition of racism which is constructed negatively through opposition,” Dr. Malinda Smith said in remarks earlier this month.

“This definition is characterized by the fact that it denies racialized people’s subjective understanding of what racism is and negates this experience. In this way, ‘not racism’ is what I call is a form of discursive racist violence.”

Oh dear.


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    I love it when liberal teachers use gobbledygook to justify their nonsense. Heaven help her students.

  • Her words are difficult to decipher, to be sure. Maybe she means that it goes without saying whether one is a racist or not; it's proven by one's words and actions.

    BTW, you don't say the the Western Standard is a marginal right-wing publication whose new publisher has a history of, let's say, bizarre behavior.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    One's words and actions are not enough to determine if one is a racist. If one is white one is inherently racist. To deny that is ignorance and racism. That's EVERY white person. No exception. That is the new standard.

    As for the Western Standard being a marginal right-wing publication, perhaps. But the New York Times is a left-wing publication whose publishing family has very bizarre beliefs and behaviors. We won't tell if you don't tell.

  • Looked her up on Google. Black monkey. Surprised? I'm not.

  • In reply to mancow:

    Have you ever thought about talking to your spiritual advisor?

  • In reply to mancow:

    Not long ago, I suggested of one blog in which mancow and others joined that it was a racist rally. My postings were taken down. I wonder how what I said could be any worse than the overt racism of mancow.

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