The Pre-Columbian Americas were not idyllic

screen-shot-2020-10-12-at-12-36-59-pmHere is a question that ought to be contemplated:

But since the quincentennial celebration (1992) progressives have been harshly denouncing the event [Columbus Day celebrations] as resulting in deliberate genocide of the peaceful, ecology-minded, indigenous peoples. According to the new conventional wisdom, Christopher Columbus and his discovery of the Americas is an epochal catastrophe that should be scorned and vilified. But what was it like in the New World at the time of Columbus arrival?

Here are a few of the details:

Prior to the arrival of the Europeans, the Arawak Indians (also called Tainos) were the relatively peaceful inhabitants of the Caribbean islands whom we associate with pastoral native scenes. But they were not the only native tribe. In fact, the Tainos were preyed upon and suffered as much from the Carib Indians as at the hands of the conquering Europeans. Throughout the many islands, the peaceful male Arawaks were hunted, killed, and even cannibalized by the ferocious Caribs who ultimately ended up exterminating the peaceful Arawaks from many of the Caribbean islands in the Lesser Antilles. The female Arawaks were taken as wives and slaves by the male Caribs. Atrocities by the Carib Indians were infamous and today these atrocities are often discounted or ignored in the protrayal of the New World as a pristine paradise.

A conclusion:

In other words, European historical accounts, indigenous codices, and even pictorial and archeological evidence had been suppressed or misinterpreted by liberal-minded scholars and politicians because it did not square with their socialist views of indigenous peoples. It took relatively recent by fully incontrovertible and irrefutable archaeological evidence to prove what had been evident and argued by other honest and truth-oriented scholars of Mesoamerican culture for years.

This is not to say that Columbus didn’t commit his share of atrocities. But the idea of Native Americans as innocents and victims is warped by progressive ideology.


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  • It was the 'socialist' view of indigenous people.

    Any idea how ridiculous you look repeating that?

  • Do you disagree with the facts?

  • So what? Does any of that change the fact that Columbus tortured, enslaved and murdered the indigenous peoples of North America? Your constant "well they were fighting each other before Europeans arrived" as justification to preserve your world view is so tiresome.

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    In reply to Lincoln311:

    You obviously didn't read the whole column but that doesn't surprise me today with knee jerk liberals.

  • Indigenous peoples practiced cannibalism and human sacrifice, the Europeans did not. The Spanish tried to civilize these practices. Yes, a lot of indigenous deaths were due to Europeans bringing diseases that natives had no resistance to. But that still happens today, with the Chinese giving the Covid virus to the rest of the world. Slavery still exists in China with the Uyghurs and the Middle East. Where’s the outrage there?

  • I always thought Indigenous = Democrat.

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