Oh, so NOW Democrats want Madigan to resign

Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan. Will Democrats show him the door, or cower in fear? (Zbigniew Bzdak/Chicago Tribune)

Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan. Will Democrats show him the door, or cower in fear? (Zbigniew Bzdak/Chicago Tribune)

No profiles in courage among the Democrats who waited until House Speaker Michael Madigan looks like he’s been mortally wounded by the federal prosecutor before they called for Iron Mike to resign.

Never mind that they could remove him themselves. The speaker is elected and they could join Republicans in a no-confidence vote.

But you don’t mess with a wounded grizzly bear. For years they put up with his self-serving dictates for years, decades, nay, generations. Getting their share of Madigan’s $20 million campaign fund and getting elected was more important to them than doing what’s right. Others, so fed up that they couldn’t in good conscience continue to support Madigan instead got out of the game, and I applaud them.

But now we’ve got liberal/Democratic voices boldly saying that it’s time for Madigan to resign. Voices like my old pal and dueling partner at the Tribune, Eric Zorn, writing, “Democrats, it’s time for Michael Madigan’s ‘Richard Nixon Moment’“, recalling the Republican leaders who dropped in on the embattled president to educate him about the reality: He was done.

Where have you guys been all this time? It’s been clear for years and years that Madigan’s control wasn’t serving the state well. He has been emitting a certain stench for years. Cancelling Madigan now looks, well, like you wait until someone is bloodied and bruised before you move in for the kill.

Well, some won’t even go that far, hanging back in their bunkers until the patient is pronounced DOA. Prime example is Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker. Illinois Rising Action catalogues Pritzker’s bend-with-the-wind stand:

Each time Governor Pritzker is asked if  he thinks Madigan should resign, he provides a different answer. He cites “questions”, “allegations that are being made are somewhat vague”, “when there’s a raid” and “we need to know much, much more”. Clear as mud. It’s time for Governor Pritzker to give us a straight answer on Mike Madigan’s corruption.

Check it out below:

To no one’s surprise, the governor is soft.


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  • Some of his critics are House members that could be vulnerable and don’t want Republicans hanging Madigan on them. Throw in all the crime and the hypocrisy of some of Pritzker’s virus decrees, and there could be trouble for some Dems.

  • In reply to Get out of IL now!:

    For sure.

  • In reply to Get out of IL now!:

    I'd like to believe that some Dems could be in trouble, but this state keeps electing the same criminals over and over again. The majority of the electorate does not seem to care about crime or hypocrisy.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Dennis writing about hypocrisy is insulting to his readers.

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