Trump did Sessions wrong; Sessions comes out as the better man

Jess Sessions

Jess Sessions

Former attorney general and senator Jeff Sessions was defeated in the Alabama Republican primary, thank you very much Donald Trump, you self-absorbed narcissist.

Sessions was trying to reclaim his former Senate seat after he resigned as attorney general, but Trump, in a pique that would embarrass any sane or emotionally stable person, endorsed Sessions’ opponent, Tommy Tuberville, a former Auburn University football coach.

The reason for Trump’s endorsement? He was furious that Sessions recused himself from a Department of Justice investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 elections. Sessions was absolutely correct; because of his endorsement of Trump, he had an ethical obligation to bow out because of a conflict of interest. Never mind that he was one of the first persons to endorsement Trump.

For Trump, it was a matter of loyalty, pure and simple, ethics be damned. Screw Sessions, for doing the right thing. Sessions has paid the price for his decision, but he will stand out as a public servant of great integrity.


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  • Trump should have never chosen him. He did it as a favor for endorsing him and paid the price. Sessions didn't have the background or the intestinal fortitude to do that job. Trump has the right guy in place now (Barr). Sessions was a do-nothing Republican going in. Alabama will be better served.

  • I don't consider Jeff Sessions to have been a great public servant, but I think I have to agree with you that he was "a public servant of great integrity."

  • As the saying goes, he made his bed, and now has to sleep in it. Happy dreams, J. Beauregard..

  • 112 people dead in Florida today from Covid19. Only 8 in Illinois. If only the pizookies weren't so delicious and tempting in Florida.

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