Your papers, please

German Ordnungspolizei men examining Polish man's papers, Krakow, Poland in 1941. (Wikipedia)

German Ordnungspolizei men examining Polish man’s papers, Krakow, Poland in 1941. (Wikipedia)

The longer the coronavirus pandemic continues, the more serious becomes the discussion about creating “immunity passports”. Hereherehere and here

It would be something like a license or certificate proving that you have an immunity to COVID-19, giving you special privileges that others don’t have. The others being those who haven’t been exposed, those who have been but tests don’t show an existence of an immunity and those who have not been exposed.

In other words, just about everyone.

Most of the debate appears to be centered on the practicality of creating, issuing, identifying and enforcing such papers. But, on principle alone, it should not and must not happen.

The very idea brings to mind the expression of “You’re papers please,” a movie trope that depicts the random demands for identification as exercised in a police state. It’s based on real life situations when you need to justify your presence or very existence.

For some, it is no different than having a driver’s license, showing that you are authorized to operate a vehicle. It will be  required especially if the lockdown continues for another 12 or 18 months, to separate us, I gather, into safe people and unsafe people. Scary, that.

It’s a step on the way to having a national ID. Surely those who oppose requiring voters to show an ID at the polls will see the problem. It’s also another facet of the coronavirus lockdown that endangers our liberties. Nip this one in the bud. 

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  • Smallpox vaccination certificates were commonly required for international travel until around 1970. This is just one more thing for right wing paranoids to worry about.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    What do you think of the idea of "immunity passports" to be used domestically to allow people into restaurants, meetings, concerts, etc?

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    The people of Florida seemed happy with the checkpoints that state police set up on its borders to stop drivers from Louisiana, Georgia, New York and other states in order to put them into quarantine.

  • fb_avatar

    But you didn't need the vaccination certificate to venture anywhere outside of your house. Big difference

  • The scientists are not even absolutely sure that someone who contracts the virus develops an immunity, or if they do, for how long.

  • This author is a fucking crackpot. Just move to Texas.

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