Abe Lincoln, an Illinois attorney, killed in theater shooting

Wow, the Washington Post is deservedly taking heat on Twitter its headline that described the murderous ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as an “austere religious scholar. 

Check out the hilarious tweets at #WaPoDeathNotices. Here are some:

Osama bin Laden, father of 23, killed in home invasion

Gaius Julius Caesar, 56, noted author and Egyptologist, dies surrounded by his friends.

Jack the Ripper, a true Londoner who helped many women out of a life of prostitution, dies aged 78.

Genghis Khan, noted traveler, dies at 64.

Life of Robespierre, 36, noted social activist and legal scholar, cut short in tragic shaving accident

Norman Bates, hotel owner, amateur embalmer, assisted suicide advocate, and knife aficionado, dead at 38.

Charles Manson, charismatic life coach, passes away after long illness.

Noted art collector and men’s fashion icon Herman Goering

Jeffrey Dahmer, biology enthusiast, and aspiring exotic chef, murdered at age 34

Ted Bundy, valued tutor to young women in nursing schools and undergraduate colleges across the U.S., dead at age 42, the result of an unfortunate encounter with electricity.

Hamlet, scholar, philosopher, loving son, and supportive fiance of Ophelia, dies at 30.

Adolf Hitler, austere National leader responsible for transforming Germany’s economy, dead at 56.

Catherine the Great, Friend to Young Men, Eclectic Furniture Collector, and Horse Lover dead at 67.

Dirigible finally settles in New Jersey


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  • A quick reading of the tentative Chicago Teachers Union contract with Chicago Public Schools reveals that teachers got, well, just about everything they demanded. If they had to make serious concessions on practically anything, I’m sorry, I missed them. The union scored mightily on fronts that, in effect, protects and increases union membership. DGCustomerFirst

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