Rahm Emanuel for president?

Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass has another great column, this one urging former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to get into the race for the Democratic nomination for president.

I think he should. He’d be a walk-in.

Rahm would save the Democrat Party from Joe Biden and the

President Rahm Emanuel? (Chris Sweda/Chicago Tribune)

President Rahm Emanuel? (Chris Sweda/Chicago Tribune)

progressive candidates who are up there floating on cloud nine. And, unlike anyone on the looney left, he’d have a chance of beating Donald Trump.

Can you imagine that race? The crafty and vengeful  political  ace, Rahm Emanuel, against the fumbling, vengeful and loudmouthed Donald Trump? What fun that would be.

As Kass notes, both Trump and Emanuel make progressive heads explode.

Democrats can learn from how Trump beat a field of opponents to win the Republican nomination. Trump was the last man standing after the opponents polished each other off.

So too with the progressives who are looking to polish each other off unless they can settle on a consensus candidate. How likely is that?

Biden fills the wide-open void that moderate and traditional liberals would love to fill.  But Biden isn’t the one. They need someone with experience, wide name recognition and the smarts to take on the asinine dreams of the far-left candidates.

As Kass notes,

Just days before the Democratic presidential debate in Texas, Emanuel went on the attack, trying to draw blood from the Democratic Party’s dominant left wing by targeting a serious vulnerability.

Rahm lashed out at progressive candidates — authentic lefty Bernie Sanders and faux lefty Elizabeth Warren, who is playing the Hillary Clinton role this cycle — for supporting government health care for everyone, including people in the country illegally, whether they want it or not.

“We’ve taken a position so far, the candidates have … few have not, about basically ‘Medicare for All,’ which is we’re gonna eliminate 150 million people’s health care and we’re gonna provide health care for people that (have) just come over the border,” Emanuel said on ABC, which pays him for his wisdom.

“That is an untenable position for the general election,” Emanuel said. “This is reckless. You don’t have to take the position to win the primary and you’re basically, literally hindering yourself for the general election.”

Perfectly said. However Kass has one caution: If Emanuel wins the presidency, he becomes “… boss of America’s vast intelligence apparatus, the CIA, the National Security Agency, the FBI and don’t forget the Internal Revenue Service.”

His opponents would have to expect more than a dead fish arriving in the mail.



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