A leftist, not a righty, was the mass shooter in Dayton

With denunciations and accusations flying back and forth about who’s to blame for the mass killings in El Paso and Dayton, more examples of media favoritism and unfairness rained down on the public.

Buried in nearly all the reporting, editorializing and commentating was the fact that the Dayton shooter was an out-and-out Leftist. Even the most numb-skulled, brain-dead,  rookie reporter or editor knows that that should have been the lead on the “second day” stories. At least, it should have gotten a tenth of the attention as the blame that was spread on President Donald Trump’s rhetoric and his Right-wing supporters.

But no.

CNN “buried the lead” 274 words into its story  headlined “Dayton shooter had an obsession with violence and mass shootings, police say”. It said:

In addition, a Twitter account that appears to belong to [the shooter]  retweeted extreme left-wing and anti-police posts, as well as tweets supporting Antifa, or anti-fascist, protesters.
The most recent tweet on the [shooter’s] account was on August 3, the day of the shooting, when he retweeted a post saying, “Millenials have a message for the Joe Biden generation: hurry up and die.”
The user’s Twitter bio reads: “he/him / anime fan / metalhead / leftist / I’m going to hell and I’m not coming back.” [Emphasis added.]
But just before these disclosures, the CNN story said, with a straight face and without any sense of contradiction,  “The [shooter’s] writings did not indicate any racial or political motive, sources said.”
My God, CNN don’t you edit your stories, or even read them?
The Washington Post was even worse. It took 32 paragraphs to get to the lead:
[The shooter] also liked to talk about politics, the friend said. He registered as a Democrat in 2012, and in high school he would frequently trash Republicans, she said….
In addition to occasional selfies and pictures of a [shooter’s] family dog, the user often tweeted in support of policies and programs associated with far-left American politics.

The user also retweeted posts criticizing capitalism, and at least once retweeted an item jokingly calling for the “beheading” of oil executives as a way to combat climate change… [Emphasis added.]

If I had buried the lead so far into the story, the old school editors at the Chicago Daily News would have sent me onto the midnight shift to learn how to be a real newsie. Which they did.

The New York Times* apparently couldn’t help itself when it reported:

The president also rejected calls to abandon the way he talks about immigrants, saying that “illegal immigration is a terrible thing for this country” and insisting that “we have very many people coming in. They are pouring in to this country.”

 Ahem, Times editors: There’ a difference between “immigrants” and “illegal immigrants.”

I don’t know how often this has to be repeated, but many of us who call for a stronger border do not object to immigrants; we object to illegal immigrants for butting unfairly into the line ahead of those who have waited patiently while following the rules and the law. Too often we’re conflated with anti-immigrant hate groups. You might assume from Trump’s tweets that he doesn’t like immigrants, but he keeps referring to illegal immigration. Or are you too dense to understand the difference?

*The New York Times Executive Editor is Dean Baquet, who spent six years in the 1980s “learning how to be a reporter” at the Chicago Tribune. Obviously, he didn’t learn enough. Having worked for the Tribune myself, I’m ashamed of the blockheads on his staff and how he leads them.



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    The issue is that Trump is not only against illegal immigration; he's against legal immigration too. And he's been trying to end all asylum for Central American migrants.

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  • The Dayton shooter was a Warren and Sander's supporter. I think in the interest of safety both Warren and Sanders should cancel their rallies and meetings and apologize to the nation for fomenting Leftist-Socialist violence.

    Thanks for pointing out the obvious bias and poor reporting The progressives who inhabit the pages of CN and elsewhere see no bias, though.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    But the deranged shooter did not quote Sanders or Warren to justify his killings, did he?

  • I think the media has pretty extensively reported that the Dayton killer held extreme left wing views. For example, his last message was a retweet, “Millennials have a message for the Joe Biden generation: hurry up and die."

    Those who promote hate should know that they cannot harvest the wind.

  • In a statement, the Betts family said they were "shocked and devastated" by what happened MyKFCExperience. They are cooperating with law enforcement and asked for privacy while they mourn the loss of their daughter and son.

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