Obama and Eric Holder decry Illinois gerrymandering

That’s right President Obama and his attorney general Eric Holder have decried the gerrymandering of legislative districts in Illinois, a process entirely controlled by House Speaker Michael Madigan and his fellow Democrats.

But why should Obama and Holder, partisan Democrats, be condemning the action of the Democratic leadership in Illinois?

The reason is Democrats are intensely fighting how Republicans have gerrymandered districts to their advantage in states like Michigan. It’s a Democratic high priority, as demonstrated by an email they sent to me. In it, Holder says:

[Obama] and I are in this fight together, along with thousands of supporters nationwide, because we know there is no issue redistricting doesn’t touch. Affordable health care, gun violence prevention, acting on climate change, protecting reproductive rights — across the board, the progress we all want depends on delivering fair, representative districts in every single state. [My emphasis.]

“Every single state” includes Illinois, doesn’t it? But Obama’s and Holder’s fight obviously doesn’t extend to Illinois where Democrats have committed the worst kind of gerrymandering, insuring themselves complete control of the Legislature, ensuring the passage of extremist, leftwing laws.

No wonder Madigan and his minions are silent about Republican gerrymandering–in other states. They’d be cutting their own throats.

Illinois' 4th Congressional district, a product of Democratic gerrymandering.

Illinois’ 4th Congressional district, a product of Democratic gerrymandering.


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    == But Obama's and Holder's fight obviously doesn't extend to Illinois where Democrats have committed the worst kind of gerrymandering. ==
    In fact, Republicans in Illinois win only slightly fewer seats than their share of the votes, despite the gerrymandering. By contrast, Democrats suffered a much larger gap between their share of the votes and the number of seats won in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania under Republican gerrymandering.

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