Illinois poised to become America's most radical pro-abortion state

UPDATE: Illinois House passes the extreme abortion bill described below.

EARLIER VERSION: The Illinois Legislature is moving toward passage of a bill that would surpass the extreme and controversial pro-choice laws in states like New York and Virginia.

While pro-choice propagandists are focusing on states that are passing more restrictive abortion requirements, New York, Virginia and now Illinois are moving far, far in the other direction. An amendment introduced yesterday would make so-called Reproductive Health Act even more radical.

As Peter Breen, Thomas More Society senior counsel and former Illinois lawmaker described it:

This bill remains the most radically pro-abortion measure of its kind and would make Illinois an abortion destination for the country. The amendment filed last night does nothing to change the core of the bill that bears the deliberately deceptive title ‘Reproductive Health Act.’

The bill [SB25], as amended, would remove any penalty for performing late-term abortions, allow nurses to perform medication abortions, and eliminate licensing and health and safety inspections of abortion clinics. The bill would strip all rights from unborn children and wipe nearly every abortion regulation off the books in Illinois, subjecting any that remain to a court challenge under a near-impossible-to-meet ‘strict scrutiny’ standard.

This is a stunning assault on human life itself and a deeply troubling attack on humanistic values. Just as the pro-choice side describes abortion restrictions passed by states like George as unprecedented and a virtually unfettered right to attack women, what SB25 declares is a virtually unfettered right to kill human life of both genders, not just prior to birth, but before and after.

As Breen describes it:

The amended bill is more barbarous than the original bill in adding a definition of ‘viability’ that expressly excludes legal protection for many babies who now live and thrive when  born premature- they would have zero legal rights or protections under the measure. 

Even liberal European nations don’t go this far. Or, as far as I know, any nation in the world. The inhumanity of America’s abortion industry is staggering.

Related: Rachel Laser, president and CEO of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, argues that religion is to blame for opposition to unrestricted abortion. She uses every stereotype in the book to ridicule people of faith who believe that God’s moral law opposes abortion. Yet she completely ignores the strong humanistic arguments for life, such as every human has a right to life. That every human deserves respect, instead of being so brutally slaughtered. 

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