Mike Madigan's laughable video

Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan wasn’t satisfied with just crushing his Republican opponents in the election.

House Speaker Mike Madigan

House Speaker Mike Madigan

He took the unusual and mysterious step of making a video aired on Illinois commercial TV stations informing everyone how nasty the GOP is and that, “In the fights that lie ahead, Democrats are on your side.”

What fights? Iron Mike has nearly complete control of the House and the state. The only purpose of the video is to rub Republicans’ faces in it.

So, fair being fair, if Madigan wants to air his video, here’s one that he most assuredly doesn’t want watched:



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  • Let's hear it for a progressive state income tax for Illinois.

  • If it's part of a grand bargain that will delete the pension guarantee from the constitution, create a new redistricting mechanism and cap political terms.

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