Questions about Christine Blasey Ford's second "front door"

Here’s more evidence that Christine Blasey Ford is making it up when she talks about being afraid that Brett Kavanaugh could have killed her and that he tried to rape her.

Christine Blasey Ford passionately described her need for a “second front door” to her home because she was so traumatized by the alleged attack on her by Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

But here’s a story that suggests that real reason for the second front door was to create a self-contained portion of the house that she rented out. And here it gets more interesting: It was rented to a therapist that does couple counseling. Was it to the same couples therapist to which Blasey Ford first made her accusations about the alleged attack? The therapist isn’t saying.

Gee, is Blasey Ford hiding something? Should the FBI question the therapist? Kavanaugh is being accused of shading the truth when he talks about his drinking in high school and college. Blasey Ford seems also to be shading the truth. But that’s all right because she is a woman.

Here’s a laughable newspaper column that suggests that white men  think they are entitled to shade the truth because of their white, male privilege. 

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  • Pretty gross blog post.

    On the one hand you could just believe women and if the fact that she reported this before he was the nominee isn't enough to believe her, I don't what is.

    On the other hand you can join other conspiracy theories that there was a doppelganger or she was hypnotized or apparently make up your own. These actions are in the same vein as Alex Jones saying Sandy Hook was done by actors.

    I'm sorry you feel so threatened by her story and Kavanaugh having to be vetted. Hopefully you aren't projecting.

  • In reply to Michael Helfand:

    A syllogism:

    All women are infallible.
    Christine Blasey Ford is a woman.
    Ergo, Christine Blasey Ford is infallible.

    Do you see the logical fallacy in your post? If not, that is profoundly troubling.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    Dennis, weren't you profoundly troubled by Kavanaugh's erratic and oddly defensive responses to questions about his drinking and his yearbook entries? He also seemed unusally skittish, sniffling and incessantly drinking water. I don't presume to know what happened 36 years ago, but Dr. Ford's testimony and the accusations of other women deserve more than just a cursory FBI investigation.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Not profoundly troubled. Why is it "odd" that someone who believes he has been falsely accused be defensive? If you think it's "odd," how would you view the people who are defending Ford?

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    Or you can say she is mistaken and can't back out now even though she can't produce a witness to back her up

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    Regarding the Rex Huppke column---he is one of the main reasons I no longer buy the Tribune.

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