Let's celebrate your abortion!

There’s a new marketing tool for abortion supporters, enablers and the industry they support: “Let’s celebrate abortion!”

Oprah Winfrey recently joined the marketing campaign when she  featured in her O magazine a first-person story by Amelia Bonow who began the #ShoutYourAbortion movement. She said:

Anti-choice politicians have dominated the dialogue because many people think they don’t know anyone who’s had an abortion. But nearly one in four women has, and 95 percent have reported feeling that it was the right decision. The anti- choice movement wants it to be terrifying to speak the truth, because we can’t advocate for something we can’t say out loud. But the more of us who speak out, the clearer it becomes that all sorts of people have abortions, including people you love.

Never mind that the study claiming a 95 percent satisfaction rate is deeply flawed. But that’s what to expect from the anti-lifers. (I used that terminology because they refer to pro-lifers as “anti-choicers.)

Never mind also that the voices of the women who regretted or suffered from abortions (and their families) are left out. Or that the voices of over 60 million persons who have been aborted are never heard. Or the voices of those people who were at risk of being aborted but survived to tell their stories of gratitude. Or the voices of women who decided not to have an abortion. That’s par for the course.

But what also strikes me is the cavalier attitude of the celebrants. Among them are women who have had multiple abortions and proclaim how joyful they are about terminating a human life–as if it has no–not even potential–value.  Or abortion fans who see abortion only as a legal, but not a moral issue. And the one featured in the video below.

Whatever Bonow says about how “anti-choice” politicians have “dominated” the discussion, those who are truly left out of the conversation are the women and those who love them who regret their “choice.” Women and (yes) children who were pressured to have an abortion against their wills. Women who have suffered physically and emotionally from abortion.

For most of the media, these women don’t exist. The rare few who have had their stories told has been enough to scare  the abortion marketing industry enough to launch this counter-offensive.

Which is bound to fail because common sense Americans–including those who oppose capital punishment–will be disgusted by a joyful celebration about ending a life.

Here is one celebrant:

Now here’s an untold story about a woman who decided not to have an abortion. Unlike the woman above, it shows that the choice can be loving, compassionate and completely without self-absorption.



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