Blame both sides for separating families at the border

In what can only be described as abhorrent and immoral, the separation of families that have illegally entered the United States is a political act for which both sides deserve damnation.

I can’t find stronger words to describe my loathing for any politicians who are terrorizing children by separating them from their parents in order to leverage a political victory. As for the parents of these children: They know that by illegally crossing the border their children will be taken from them and for that they deserve equal or greater condemnation.

Trump is using his ill-advised  “zero tolerance” policy to force Democrats to accept his get-tough on illegal immigrants policy, including building a wall. Trump’s enemies are slobbering all over themselves with joy at Trump’s cruelty, believing they can parlay it into victory at the polls.

Nuts to all of them.

Trump’s zero-tolerance policy is hugely unpopular with the public and, contrary to what he might be imagining, will create stronger opposition not just to his illegal-immigration policies, but also with voters punishing Republicans in the mid-term elections. It’s a stupid move politically, for good reason. But that’s not the worst thing.

For my fellow conservatives: separating children from their families is anathema. Family is supposed to be priority for us. Sure, sure, it’s done all the time when parents are arrested and convicted of a crime, and crossing the border illegally is a crime, although a misdemeanor in most cases. But this is a case of raw politics, in which no discretion is exercised, as is permitted by law. It is excessive and brutish.

As for progressives: You’ll deny it, but you’re silently glad this is happening. It gives you a chance to look moral while condemning Trump. With your rhetoric, “sanctuary” cities and other policies you are encouraging illegal immigration. You think that makes you more compassionate than the rest of us. What you are in fact doing is contributing to the misery. You should be discouraging parents with children not to entire the country illegally. And, for once, accept the fact that illegal immigration is damaging by, for example, taking jobs away from people who need them.

For the parents: You are most responsible for this travesty. Are we to believe that you are completely ignorant of the consequences of trying to enter the United States this way? Sure, sure, you are fleeing the horrible violence of Central America, but there has to be a better way to protect your family than subjecting your children to such callus disregard. How many legal immigrants would have subjected their children to such terror if that were the price of their entering the United States?

Where I stand on immigration in case you think I’m taking sides:

I believe strongly that people who want to enter the United States should wait their turn. Millions of other immigrants have. Illegal immigrants and those who support them are not just subverting the law, but unjustly jumping in the line head of those who are following the law. From progressives I detect a glaring absence of compassion for those who have been waiting for years to realize their dreams.

I believe just as strongly that legal immigration benefits the United States.  By being against illegal immigration, I am not against immigration. Without immigration, I wouldn’t be here. Neither would most of you.  (I don’t count the slave trade as immigration, so don’t hang that chestnut on me.) Hey progressives, listen up. If you are for immigration, you’re for the melting pot ideal that used to be taught routinely in schools, not against it. Every  contribution of talent and energy from different regions strengthens us. We are weakened when we slip into your dogma that the divides us into ethnic, gender, cultural and other factions. For example, your objection to “cultural appropriation” is senseless and dangerous. By celebrating, even emulating, someone’s heritage we are celebrating it, not “disrespecting” it. We are folding it into our own experience, to our benefit.

So, to both sides who are 100 percent certain that they are right: In this case you are absolutely wrong. Put aside your compelling partisan certitude for a moment. Stop menacing the children.



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  • Uh, NO!! Just plain NO!!!

  • Fair assessment sir. Kids used as pawns in any disagreement is immoral.
    However I lay the blame mostly on the Democrats. 8 years ago when they could have addressed this issue all they did was sit on their hands. They had Senate control but didn’t care that anyone entering illegally would then disappear into the country and be absorbed. They had DACA also right within their grasps, even had some Republican bill sponsorship and couldn’t bring it home and then lost it when some southern border senators began clammoring for more law enforcement.
    Yesterday Trump basically delayed the problem after public outcry but even with the little he did the Dems immediately moved the goalposts and continue obstruction.
    We are a nation of laws. Democrats ignore them when it doesn’t suit their interests. There is nothing wrong with a DACA style tradeoff for border security. Last year 1.1 million people legally immigrated to the US, larger than any other country influx in the world but, that is nothing new either. The US has consistantly taken in more people than any other country on the planet for decades. What does this say to the people who have done it correctly, waiting in lines filing the proper documentation, doing what they are supposed to? What does that say to them?

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