Donald Trump's Stenogate

Thank God for people like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Cal.) who has called out President Donald Trump for meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin without a note taker!

Damn if Trump didn’t give Alaska back to Russia and now is keeping it secret by not having any notes. A stenographer surely would have halted this collusion between Trump and Putin. Russia, just like it wanted to take back Crimea, long has been known to covet Alaska. For more than a century Russians have been in deep remorse over having given all that oil and natural gas away.

What other give-aways could the two have been talking about during a scheduled  30-minute meeting that ran two and a half hours?

Waters was absolutely spot on when she had the courage that announce that “we’re getting played” by Trump. Why else would he toss out the note takers? She said:

“I don’t like the idea that our president again would go into a room without any note-takers, without any staff…and come out of it saying how honored he is to meet with [Putin].” (Video is below.)

Waters’ enemies reward her for this patriot act by calling her  “one of the most corrupt members of Congress.” All that stuff about influence peddling and her sprawling mansion in a segregated, rich neighborhood outside of her struggling district are mere distractions from the important issues that she has the guts to be raising, such as the absence of  note-taker in what was supposed to be a confrontation between the two leaders but which turned into a love fest.

Actually, Waters only knows the half of it. I do, because the American intelligence community–thankfully still in the hands of former President Barack Obama’s appointees–secretly recorded the conversation between the two. And I know what they said to each other because I have the transcript, leaked to me by an Obama insider.

So, besides giving away Alaska, here’s how the rest of the betrayals went:

TRUMP: Well, Vlad, old friend, we sure had them going. I’ve told everyone that we haven’t made any backroom deals, and–get this– many of those buffoons who voted for me actually believe it. Sad.

PUTIN: Well done, Don. Keep it up. When you get out of our meeting just say that you strongly confronted me about my interference in your election. Of course, I’ll deny it because everyone expects me to. But we know better.

TRUMP: Listen, Vlad, on that other deal we were talking about, you know the one…

PUTIN: You mean the one where you get the franchise rights for all hotels in every territory Russia takes over in exchange for letting me do it?

TRUMP: Right, that’s the one. We’re still working out the details over in the Oval Office about how we can do that without anyone knowing. My son-in-law Jared is on it. Believe me, it’ll be great!

PUTIN: Jared has been doing fantastic work. The stuff he did to give Russia control over those uranium mines was brilliant!

TRUMP: Um, I think you’ve got us mixed up with Hillary Clinton and Bill. The one where their foundation got all that money as a quid pro quo. Not that I wouldn’t have loved to do that deal.

(I’ve skipped the part about the Clinton’s cooperation with Russia because it’s fake news. I pick up the transcript later in the discussion.)

TRUMP: Well, so we’ve got to tell them something. I got it, we’ll declare a truce in a small bit of Syria, while you get to secretly expand your big military base there. And on North Korea,?

PUTIN: Here’s the deal I’ve worked out with the Chinese. They’ll rein in that zadrota, but the price will be steep.

TRUMP: Like what?

PUTIN: The reunification of North and South Korea. Meaning of course under the benevolent control of Kim Jon-un. And a reduction of your presence on the Pacific Rim.

TRUMP: Sounds good to me. As long as I get a piece of the action.

PUTIN: Done and done.


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    You really shouldn't write stuff like this...the Irony/Satire gene has been bred out of the Progressive Left... they will have this on CNN before you know it and a "panel of experts" will be tut tutting over how embarrassed they are Trump did those things and said all that

  • In reply to Jill Marie:

    You mean that BREITBART already hasn't?

  • Dennis, why don't we hear from more Republicans like you? Where is the outrage about Trump's behavior--especially his distain for the free press?

  • In reply to Judy Marcus:

    Beats me.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    Maybe fellow blogger Jeff Berkowitz has the answer, although he won't admit it directly--either get behind the putative (and Putin) leader of the party or be a loser, as indicated by his attempts to get Rauner to admit to supporting Trump, on which Biss quickly pounced.

    This also shows up on yesterday's health care discussion on TV political talk shows: somehow it is strychnine for some Republicans to admit that it would be better to cross the aisle and repair the defects, even though their presidential candidate promised a plan, but didn't have one. You can also throw in such moral "heroes" as Ted Cruz crying that Trump insulted his father and wife, but then manned the phone banks for the Republican candidate.

  • I worked in foreign policy for many years and have sat in the rooms with Presidents when they had meetings with foreign heads of state, including the head of the USSR and China. NEVER was there a stenographer in the room. I don't know what possessed Maxine to go off the rails about this other than she can.

  • In reply to Bob Schneider:

    Did you then play Rex Tillerson, come out, and directly contradict the Pres.?

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