Tick tock, waiting for Mike Madigan's "compromise"

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Democratic House Speaker Mike Madigan is congratulating himself and the bipartisan legislators who voted for his budget today for their “good work.” (See updates from Capitol Fax.com)

But what’s in the budget? Democrats are denouncing Republicans in the U.S. Senate for drafting their compromise health care reform “in secret.” So where were the hearings on Madigan’s budget? I guess we had to pass it to find out what’s in it.

What’s most galling though about the partisan calls for compromise is that Gov. Bruce Rauner has given up just about all of his 40-point comprehensive “turn around” budget while Madigan hasn’t budged one inch. Rauner has even agreed to a tax increase if Madigan would agree to just a tiny bit of reform. Madigan’s unyielding stance has worked, as he got some Republicans to vote for his budget because they’ve finally had enough of the stalemate. They know that the state cannot survive this crisis.

Madigan’s failure to compromise even in the face of substantial movement is well described by Ted Dabrowski, Vice President of Policy for the free-market Illinois Policy Institute in Rauner’s reform demands: from 44 to 0.”

Yet, this obvious movement by Rauner compared with Madigan’s rigid no-compromise stance is little noted in the media. In fact, most commentators and reporters seem to lay equal blame for the stalemate on both Rauner and Madigan, as if they were equally intransigent.

Maybe Madigan will show me to be wrong. Maybe the budget the House passed today will show genuine compromise and be truly comprehensive. Stay tuned.




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  • Only difference is that the House's secret budge it usually unveiled on May 28, not June 29.
    Supposedly he also has a workers' comp bill out there.Rauner has communicated on the state website that he would sign nearly anything if he got any part of his agenda.
    The real question is if there is concurrence between the House and the Senate, the bill ever gets to the governor's desk, and he signs, vetoes, amendatory vetoes, or line item vetoes any of it.

  • Another dispatch from the Illinois Policy Institute, of which sourcewatch.org says, "As of August 2016, IPI is listed as a 'partner organization' in the Charles Koch Institute's Liberty@Work program." Also, "IPI is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)." Bruce Rauner is reported to have donated $525,000 to the Institute, although IPI does not list its funders publicly .

    Surely you can come up with a more objective source than this.

  • Madigan is too busy figuring out a blame strategy to think about a compromise. Look for the can to get kicked down the street again with a temporary spending plan that favors Democratic Pork

  • It isn't just Democratic Pork. That notable "liberal" commentator John Kass hasn't been calling Illinois government THE COMBINE for nothing!

  • In reply to HHH Is My Hero:

    One also has to throw in the recent constitutional amendment putting transportation funds in a lockbox, meaning that both sides can appropriate the construction money and keep that kind of pork rolling, but that money is no longer available for the things Mendoza mentioned (prior post).

    However,I don't think Kass has been liberal for a long time.

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