Trump's chance to make his stand clear on Russia

The peaceful protests in Russia against corruption (i.e. Vladimir Putin and his dissolute regime) gives President Donald Trump a good opportunity to take the right side on an enemy of American interests. .

Donald Trump at Chicago Tribune editorial board. (Chicago Tribune)

Donald Trump at Chicago Tribune editorial board. (Chicago Tribune)

Throughout his campaign, Trump was inexplicably friendly to Putin and hard on NATO among other positions that made the president appear to be even softer than former President Barack Obama. Trump has only himself to blame for all the accusations, gossip and other commentary that he was somehow in cahoots with Putin.

But now those protests (here, here, and here) give Trump the chance to extricate himself from the suspicions that he’s hiding some kind of cooperation with Russia that doesn’t favor our national interest. Russia will object to Trump’s “interference” in Russia’s domestic affairs, but certainly that would be no more than Russia’s interference in our democracy and values.

Let’s hear it, Donald. What happened to your tweets?

Related: Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) says it right:

Roskam Statement on Russia Protests

Wheaton, IL —U.S. Representative Peter J. Roskam released the following statement after news outlets reported anti-Kremlin protests across the Russian Federation:

“I’m encouraged by reports of peaceful demonstrations across Russia against the corrupt, autocratic regime in Moscow. Vladimir Putin has made a mockery of human rights and democracy both at home and abroad. We must support the Russian people, as well as our allies in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, in their struggle against Putin’s authoritarianism and expansionism.”


Rep. Roskam serves as Chairman of House Democracy Partnership, a bipartisan commission of the House of Representatives that works to promote responsive, effective government and strengthen democratic institutions by assisting legislatures in emerging democracies.

He recently introduced a resolution with Rep. David Cicilline condemning Russian interference in European elections and led a solidarity mission to emerging democracies near Russia’s borders.

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  • Thanks, Dennis, I have to share this one

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    You're welcome. Proceed.

  • The odds on Trump clarifying his stand on the Russians are about the same as on him quitting Twitter permanently, or Putin stopping the jailing or killing of his opponents.

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