Do any ChicagoNow bloggers like Trump?

Not sure there are, judging by the overwhelming number of negative, insulting or condemnatory ChicagoNow posts of President Donald Trump.

Endless posts decrying women who betrayed their gender by voting for him, itemizing other things to be done instead of lowering herself to watch the inauguration of this disgusting person; condemning him for appointing so many–ugh–old white men to his cabinet.  Someone posted of picture of herself giving Trump the finger.  I’m not the exception; I said he was a jerk.*

Upset by Trump's promise to fix a screwed-up America? Obama did the same thing at his inauguration.

Upset by Trump’s promise to fix a screwed-up America? Obama did the same thing at his inauguration.

Do we feel better now? If not, have a seat and a glass of water. Take a deep breathe. Swallow hard. Let’s move on (as, advised us to do when it was created back when President Bill Clinton was under assault for perjury.)

Apparently the ChicagoNow community is close to a single mind when it comes to Trump, which probably isn’t a good thing. Are we so blinded by our ideology  that we fail to see what so many of our hurting countrymen want? Are those selected to blog for ChicagoNow so conforming, so undiverse when it comes to political thought?

It’s hubris to think that we’re going through a period of unparalleled division. Need I mention the Civil War when the fundamental disagreement over slavery led to unimaginable violence? Or during our revolutionary period when serious divisions opened with loyalists, many of whom had to flee the country? Or during the War of 1812 when the differences between the pro-war and anti-war factions led to a convention of New England states to debate seceding from the Union.

So, let’s get the whining out of our system and work out what needs to be done.

*I wrote in a candidate in the presidential race, not being able to bring myself to vote for either Trump or Hillary Clinton.

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    As a new Chicago Now Blogger, I totally agree....back to work!

  • I've been quiet about all of this both in my writing (for the most part) and in social situations (which ain't common for me!). I admire passion in every person, and speaking your mind, for sure. Everyone is entitled to that - yes, that's what makes America great. I admire our country, and the office of the president as a matter of respect, no matter who holds the title. I don't apologize for being what I consider to be a true political moderate. I like what you wrote here, and I loved a very recent episode if the show "Blackish," which didn't hide from being REALLY upset about Trump's election but also presented many viewpoints in the advertising boardroom. Yes, there IS more than one way to think, and we as a nation struggle with this. I pray we manage it well. My friends who were very into Hillary have decided now is the time to stay on their guard and be prepared to represent their beliefs /needs in a LOUD way if they feel they are violated. Others I know felt they needed a huge change in party leadership and wanted something else for various reasons (the pendulum usually swings back and forth between blue and red presidencies). Trump loves to hear himself talk and say outlandish things. This is the most theatrical political stage I've ever seen, and it seems to be just that - a stage. I'm not sure anything I'm seeing is real - it feels like an act to get everyone riled up. Over the years, Trump's stances have been much more moderate than anything he's been saying lately. We'll see what he actually does v. the blowhard way he talks. I'm pretty sure he laid in bed one morning a few years back and decided, "I'm gonna say any outlandish bulls**t I want and see if I can win the party nomination. And then I'm gonna keep saying what a lot of the people want to hear, and I'm gonna be president." He is stupid like a fox. Our country is run by more than just the president. We have a system of checks and balances. We are a vocal people. And we aren't sure exactly what this wild card of a president will do. I like to have faith in the future. Yes, let's get back to work and see if our country can, too.

  • In reply to Colleen Sall:

    So well said! You said it better than I.

  • Aren't you in the least worried that Trump has the nuclear code?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    I've said as much.

  • Well said, Dennis.

  • I guess it comes to me to admit that I like Trump. I don't like all about Trump, but I do like how he kicked the rumps of both the establishment Democrats and establishment Republicans. And pointed out that things like the neighborhoods on the south-side and west-side are worse off in many ways under eight years of Obama. Most bloggers don't live south. They live in lily white gentrified enclaves in the city or in the north suburbs, so they can't possibly know the mess down here.

    I liked him and I voted for him. He offered to hand back the government to everybody and to yank it away from the politicians who go to DC broke and leave rich, like one Barack Obama. But the bloggers on here are in love with government -- its transfer payments, its shutting down what it does not like, its over-regulation, its one-size fits all policies, such as the ACA, so I doubt that the bloggers here will trust their fellow humans to take decisions for themselves -- but will insist a GS-14 in DC decide for all. They want to be ruled and not governed So be it.

    Chicagonow is pretty much entirely in the "Hate Trump" camp. Those who may have preferred him over Hillary, especially after the DNC positions on its misogyny, gay hatred, racism and rigging the primary against Bernie were exposed, but to post your support about Trump in this forum invites the "hating" crazies. It most likely would not be featured anyway, because editorial is very progressive --- but that's the right of this forum. You get your word out there because you have a popular following and a "name".

    So many of the bloggers on here cannot take any criticism, yet they publish opinion pieces. They just want snowflake love. They are so reluctant to engage publicly that I have been blocked by most bloggers.

    They will engage in four years of screed, so I wouldn't count on any conversions to the Trump camp or even to "getting along". The hate will only get shriller and more violent with each passing month.

  • He kicked the rumps of the Republican establishment? Are you kidding? He appointed billionaires and Wall Streeters to his cabinet and pledged to sign any bill the "establishment" will send him.

  • We have a president who brags about grabbing women's crotches and a first lady who's posed in the nude. Sad!

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    That is truly distasteful behavior - very raunchy comments by him, very racy pictures, not "artistic" like a great painting, of her. This stuff shouldn't make America proud. Whatever anyone thinks of the Obamas, nothing came out to show (and politicians always seem to have something to hide, but nothing came out) that they and the prior VP and his wife were anything other than classy and elegant in their behavior and speech. The Trump's have some catching up to do...

  • To answer the question, yes. There are at least a few but they don't write about it....and we certainly don't talk about it when we get together.

  • Hi there! I'm the blogger that posted a picture of myself giving him the middle finger, which is protected by the first amendment. The same amendment protects your right to call it whining.

    I DO feel better now. Since the election, I've witnessed an exponential growth in the local advocacy groups I was already a member of. I've learned a great deal from Trump supporters and I've had incredible conversations with them. I've seen crowds of new people show up to town hall meetings to stand up for what they believe in. I participated in the Women's March and know that I am far from alone in my commitment to their until principles ( Democracy like ours is not a spectator sport and Trump woke millions of people up. In that way, he already "made American great again".

    You don't know my ideology and you don't know my levels of awareness about this country or its people. I invite you to reach out and engage with me directly. I am always happy to engage in conversations about important issues, either online via email or in person.

    My opposition is not just about Trump. I oppose a political agenda that threatens to bankrupt Planned Parenthood, leave millions without health insurance, open protected wildlife areas to private enterprise, expose the United States to foreign coercion via conflicts of interest, assault the rights of my LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters, and leave the millions of good American people who voted for him with nothing but a handful of empty promises. I've made no judgements about his supporters, either as a writer or in my personal interactions. I'm from a rural area and intimately understand his base. I firmly believe in the responsible expression of personal freedom and that includes supporting Donald Trump for any reason.

    However, that same freedom allows me the privilege to strongly disagree with him and the GOP agenda he plans to push. Furthermore, I am a survivor of rape and repeated sexual assault. There is simply nothing on earth that could move me to support an unrepentant perpetrator of sexual violence in any capacity whatsoever, no matter which side of the political aisle they are on.

  • In reply to Kim Cavill:

    Dear Kim,

    Thank you for your thoughtful reply. Some points in response:

    1. I wasn't suggesting that anyone's speech should be muzzled. I'm all for a passionate exchange of ideas, as outlined by John Stuart Mill. That's the only way to go in a democracy.

    2. A technicality, but the First Amendment right of free speech applies to government censorship. If ChicagoNow wants to "censor" (i.e. editor, delete) my remarks, that's not a violation of the First Amendment.

    3. I might be wrong, but it sounds like you took my post to mean that I'm a Trump supporter. If you look at my previous posts and columns you'll discover that I abhor him.

    4. While one of the things I dislike about him is his raunchy and insulting tone, I find some irony in that the anti-Trump response is a figurative "fuck you."

    5. Good for all the women who marched yesterday, venting their anger at Trump and pledging to oppose him. As I said, this is how democracy works.

    6. Please don't put me in any way on the side of anyone who in any way condones sexual violence. It's not just my wife, my daughter and my five granddaughters who prompt this stand. I'm proud that while at the Chicago Sun-Times I was a part of an investigative team that wrote a Pulitzer Prize nominated series about how the Chicago Police Department was underreporting rape and sexual assault. I wish that someone could explain to me why men can be so violent---whether its in their genes or acculturation, or both.

    7. We can differ significantly on public policies, as it appears we do, but that makes neither one of us deplorable.

    Again, thanks for your thoughtful answer.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    Thanks for your reply. I am glad we agree about the freedom of speech and I appreciate the point you made about government vs private entity censorship. It is definitely a very interesting area for debate, what with the rise of privately-held social media companies.

    I made no assumptions about your political affiliation and, instead, found further common ground in our abhorrence of the POTUS. Though I understand his language during the campaign to be grossly offensive, I also believe that such speech is the price we pay for a having a democracy such as ours, which enshrines the freedoms set forth in the constitution. Your note about irony is true of human nature, in general.

    I never implied that you support perpetrators of sexual violence. I responded to, "Are those selected to blog for ChicagoNow so conforming, so undiverse when it comes to political thought?" by sharing a personal reason why my support for POTUS was for grabs.

    I agree that we can differ significantly on public policies without making the assumption that such positions makes either of us deplorable, though I also believe that each and every one of us is an a**hole, depending on who you ask. I say that not with malice, but with good humor, faith in America's promise of equality, and a belief in the our ability to refine our ideals with each successive generation.

    Thanks again for your reply and please accept my warm regards.

    Again, thanks for your thoughtful answer.

  • In reply to Kim Cavill:

    I'm glad too. Maybe we should go to Washington and show them how to get along.

  • Dennis, the Tribune, or should I say the LIB-une, would never create a blog site and have the bulk of the bloggers represent conservative stances. I'd wager the blogs on here are 90% left wing, mostly 20-40 something year old white women, spouting off from the insular enclave of the north side (or Oak Park). The same women who would march in the "women's rights" march this past weekend, but wouldn't dare stand up to actual subjugation of women in Muslim nations.
    My guess is they keep you on here as a punching-bag boogeyman type, to say "look, there's an evil white male giving a contrary opinion".

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