The media rewrite what Trump said

This is aggravating. So many in the media are reporting that President-elect Donald Trump is already backing away from his campaign positions. As if it were fact.

For example, there’s the assertion that he would get rid of Obamacare and let millions of people go without insurance. But that he softened that position when he talked with Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes by saying that we’d keep a couple parts that are popular. He’d keep protecting people with pre-conditions and allow adult children to be covered up to a certain age on their parents’ health insurance.

Horns blared. Sirens wailed. Pundits clucked. See! Already, he’s showing he’s a hypocrite. The lying sack of crap.

Thankfully, James Warren, not a right winger or Trump supporter but a commentator for the Poynter Institute, called out the media for the hypocrite scenario. In a post for Poynter Institute he noted:

The press portrait of Donald Trump as a deceitful, misogynist poser has now added this permutation: Trump as post-election hypocrite. Its naiveté is sweeping….

As for as saying he’d want to keep the Obamacare protection against denial of insurance for pre-existing conditions, it’s not news. He said it back in February, guys. (Forbes) But it didn’t stop the portrayal of his engaging in some intellectually dishonest about-face…..

So get ready for more hedging stories. “Trump hedges on some campaign promises on ’60 Minutes.'” (CBS) “Is Donald Trump already walking away from campaign promises?” (CNN) Etc., etc.

Stahl seemed, shocked, shocked. Like really? You’d keep those? She might as well have said, “It’s news to me!” As did editors around the country who ran with the story based on failed research. These “journalists” are either too lazy to check the morgue to see what the clips say about Trump’s campaign promises, or they are blinded by their own bias.

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  • Look no further than most of the Chicago Now family for an example of the gaslighting you describe. Expect the years to come to be full of studies/books on the effect the media charlatans had on our more pliable minds, like a modern day 'The Crucible.'

  • oh, stop whining.

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