That Obamacare is a disastrous failure is indubitable. Now, how to fix it?

Blind partisans and rigid ideologues will refuse to accept the realty that Obamacare (the deceptively  named Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act). Even though rate hikes are enormous (and no one is reported to have saved $2,500 as Barack Obama promised) and the number of choices has been slashed (despite Obama’s promise that you would be able to keep your doctor.)

Scott Santis, Chicago Tribune

Scott Santis, Chicago Tribune

Yes, I keep harping on Obama’s false promises because he should be held to account. As if he, government bureaucrats and pie-in-the-sky academics could re-create and manage in infinite detail the workings of the entirety of  America’s health system. Republicans have earned the right to hurl a “told ya so” at the utopians.

But, now what?

Despite what progressives and Democrats say, there are plenty of ideas about how to fix the health system. For consideration, I recommending reading one put forward by Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry,  a writer and fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center. As he writes in The Week:

ObamaCare’s combination of mandates, subsidies, and regulations very predictably caused markets to go haywire and become inefficient. But this shouldn’t just be a moment for partisan point-scoring. ObamaCare’s ostensible goal — to ensure that every American has a safety net when it comes to health care — is a laudable one. ObamaCare’s failures will hurt millions of families. This is a serious problem that requires a serious solution.

So, how do we fix ObamaCare? By learning from the same principles that made it obvious ObamaCare would fail in the first place.

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  • Competition and consumer choice? A health savings account? These are your solutions? Competition and consumer choice didn't prevent the meltdown of our economy back i 2008. And the big bad government had the bail the financial giants out.

  • I reject your premise and it's clear the GOP will take no part in making any fixes despite having no alternative plan. So the point is moot.

  • In reply to Jimmy Greenfield:

    Jimmy, I guess you then think that this is a sign of success (taken from the linked article):

    "The price of ObamaCare premiums are skyrocketing — something like 25 percent for the average premium for many "silver" plans. This is hardly the only problem with ObamaCare. "Insurers are pulling out, premiums are rising, and many customers are being left with little or no choice of insurance plans," as this helpful explainer from our magazine puts it. Indeed, back in 2010, when the law was passed, the Congressional Budget Office predicted that 21 million people would be enrolled into the law's exchanges by 2016. That figure now stands at just 12 million."

    I wouldn't call that a rousing success.

    Follow the link in the article to Marco Rubio's alternative plan, one of several offered by Republicans. Like Aquinas, you probably don't agree with it, but you can hardly assert that the GOP has no alternative plan.

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