The Olympics are boring

As is B.O.R.I.N.G. Tedious. Vapid. Insipid.

If you love athletics, the competition and joy of winning, you’ll have to set your recording so that you can skip the endless and cliche-packed commentary, interviews, commercials and hype to see your favorite sport. If NBC’s broadcast is anything like previous years, it will be an even greater orgy of endless “feature” and “human interest” stories that TV producers seem to think  are more interesting that the sport itself. Each sport will be strangled by endless “commentary”  to enlighten us dimwits about the rigors of the sport.

This criticism is in addition to the valid observation that the Olympics have lost their way, years ago when they allowed professionals to compete, when they looked the other way in the face of obvious doping (Do they still?). When the former Soviet Union and East Germany stacked their teams with professionals.

As an aside, I, for one, am thankful that Chicago didn’t land the Olympics–Richard M. Daley’s wildly unrealistic dream. More debt, more expenses for security and safety. Just what this financially stricken and violence prone city need.

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  • And they made it even more boring by adding golf.

  • So true, all of it.

    However, as a mind game let's do this. Suppose the next Olympics allow only steroid pumped monsters to compete? The roid rage might make for interesting television, and then the chore of spotting and testing the dopers goes by the wayside.

    Michael Phelps at age 50 or whatever will win the 100 freestyle in 35 seconds. I might even wade through the commentary to see that.

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