FBI won't recommend Hillary Clinton indictment; no surprise there


To no one’s surprise, the FBI won’t seek the indictment of Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. And to no one’s surprise, the announcement came just a few days after husband Bill had a private meeting with the FBI’s boss, Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Just days after Lynch said she would accept the FBI’s recommendation, whatever it was.

And to no one’s surprise, a report in the official Democratic Newsletter (aka The New York Times), has Hillary Clinton keeping Lynch as attorney general in the new H. Clinton administration.

Do Americans need any more evidence to believe that those in government have standards that are different than most Americans? That those standards are  more lax than the rest of us face? How long can Americans continue to stomach this?

I’m not a lawyer, so maybe, just maybe, the FBI doesn’t have enough evidence to bring charges against H. Clinton. Or, maybe, just maybe, stinky political pressure was brought to bear throughout this entire mess. [UPDATE] FBI Director James Comey explained in a press conference that he couldn’t recommend charges because H. Clinton’s intent to disclosed classified information could not be proved. Nonetheless, Comey did accuse H. Clinton and the State Department of being “extremely careless” in the handling of those her unsecure emails, possibly disclosing state secrets. What he didn’t say was that under a separate law, prosecutors did not have to prove intent; “gross negligence” is sufficient cause for an indictment. The legal definition of “gross negligence” is “extremely careless.” That leaves open the possibility that H. Clinton did violate the law because by anyone’s standards, the way she handled those emails was grossly negligent. Might I also add arrogant and suspicious.

Comey’s complete statement is here. You should read the entire thing. Especially if you think that Comey completely exonerates H. Clinton

But the fact remains, H. Clinton’s handling of her emails and the aftermath leaves serious questions about her judgment and honesty. Just as the entire Benghazi affair.

A side note here:  The recently released Benghazi committee report that “didn’t find anything new” merely confirmed that H. Clinton is a liar and that a high-level cover-up occurred to save President Barack Obama’s butt in the upcoming election. How Nixon-like.

(© Melissa King | Dreamstime Stock Photos)

(© Melissa King | Dreamstime Stock Photos)

We’ll hear a lot of crowing from the partisan left how this proves that the entire email affair was a witch-hunt that was a part of a “vast right-wing conspiracy” to nail H. Clinton. As if H. Clinton’s actions were as pure as the freshly driven snow.

But the stench of this will long remain, a foreboding of what four (or eight) more years of what an H. Clinton administration will smell like. Rotting fish.

Chicago Tribune editorial: “Here’s the campaign bumper sticker you won’t see: “Clinton in ’16 — because no charges were recommended.”


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  • "I'm not a lawyer, so maybe, just maybe, the FBI doesn't have enough evidence to bring charges against H. Clinton."

    So, maybe, you should suspend judgment until you can evaluate the evidence.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    My point is, guilty of a crime or not, there's still plenty of slim left to judge her by,

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    So I assume you are admitting that there is a strong probability that, as of now, there is insufficient evidence to charge her under the Espionage Act or any other federal felony statute.

  • In reply to jnorto:


    See http://ijr.com/2015/03/264655-3-federal-laws-hillary-may-violated-secret-email-accounts/

    Also, Comey call her actions "extreme careless," which is legally defined as "gross negligence" which is illegal and prosecutable.

  • None of the laws mentioned in this old Independent Journal (who are they?) article is a criminal statute except the Espionage Act, 18 USC Sec. 793(f). In fact, none of the laws mentioned are even statutes passed by Congress, except 793(f) and FOIA.

    Section 793(f) was addressed by the Director of the FBI in his statement today. He concluded that no charges could be brought under it. He did not agree with you that "extreme carelessness" is the same as "gross negligence" found in the criminal statute and as applied by the federal courts in other prosecutions under the act.

  • fb_avatar

    She just couldn't be bothered to use the official, government system designed to keep information inaccessible to anyone not legally cleared to see or receive it. She also wanted to control what information, if any, would be available in the future. Besides breaking the rules/laws(?) about not using the official system, she subverted the rules/laws(?) about the official records that the built in archive system holds for the historic record. So she get to decide what history will be...Anyone remember Michelle Obama telling us we have to change our history? Seems Hillary took that as a challenge.

  • In reply to Jill Marie:

    I see you have it all figured out. Of course to suit your own axe to grind. Now tell us the good things about Trump.

    BTW, a good book to read is "The Truth about Trump" by Michael D'Antonio.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Have I ever said a good thing about Trump? Whether there are good or bad things to be said about Trump has nothing to do with whether H. Clinton violated the law.

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