"How Donald Trump locked up the jerk vote"

Donald Trump has a “clear path” to securing the Republican nomination for president, according to pundits. For those of us, dumbfounded for how this monstrous demagogue did it, here is an explanation from Paul Waldman in his column, “How Donald Trump locked up the jerk vote.”

Explaining why the iconic basketball coach and first-class idiot endorsed Trump, Waldman wrote:

 (Michael Tercha / Chicago Tribune)

(Michael Tercha / Chicago Tribune)

But we know the real reason for this most weighty of endorsements: Bobby Knight is a jerk, and he supports Donald Trump because Trump is a jerk, too.

And it isn’t just Knight. Among Trump’s most prominent endorsers are a convicted rapist, the jerkiest governor in America, the NFL’s best-known bully, conservatism’s foremost performance artist of hate, and variousmembers of the Ku Klux Klan. If there’s a dirtbag or scumbag in America who isn’t on Team Trump, it’d be hard to find him.

Waldman goes on to explain:

But imagine if someone you actually knew acted like the Donald Trump we see on television. Let’s say you and your spouse invited someone over for dinner, and after the meal he said, “Well that food was crap, and not only that, your outfits are ugly, your taste in decor is abominable, and your kids strike me as uncommonly stupid.” You probably wouldn’t say, “Wow, how refreshingly honest — he really tells it like it is!” You’d say that guy was a jerk, and never invite him over again.

Trump’s success so far is proof that we have more than our share of jerks here in America, and they’re coming out for him in force. But do jerks make up more than half of the electorate? It’s hard to imagine.

It’s close, whether America is dominated by jerks. Trump claims that he is the only one who can beat Democrat Hillary Clinton (assuming that she doesn’t lose the Democrat nomination to socialist Bernie Sanders, and then we’re certainly doomed). But a new CNN poll shows that Trump would get creamed. The new CNN/ORC Poll, completed ahead of Trump’s victory last night, found Clinton tromps Trump by 13 points, 54 percent to 41 percent. That’s even though half the voters regard Clinton unfavorably. If you need a further explanation, 56 percent view Trump unfavorably.

By the way, while the poll shows that Clinton would beat both Trump and Ted Cruz (which might have had a lot to do to explain why Cruz dropped out of the race), she losses large to Republican John Kasich, 44 percent to 51 percent. Maybe most Americans aren’t jerks after all.

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