Do NOT privatize TSA security at O'Hare Airport

As someone who often favors privatization of incompetent, slap-dash and uncaring government work, I have to implore: Do NOT privatize TSA security at O’Hare Airport as Mayor Rahm Emanuel and some “powerful” Chicago aldermen are suggesting.

Ed Burke smells the meet a'cookie.

Ed Burke smells the meet a’cookie. (Chicago Tribune)

That’s because they’ll hand over our safety to the Chicago Way of doing things. In other words, they’ll put our security into the hands of the grafters, gonifs, lazy and greedy bastards who run Chicago and everything else at O’Hare Airport.

Notice the speed at which the “powerful” alderman jumped aboard the privatization bandwagon. What more evidence do we need that something’s up, and it’s more money for the insider’s. Chicago pols  are reliably anti-privatization because they enjoy the largess showered on them by public employee unions. And the contracts and jobs are so much easier to control.

Most notably leading the way is the “powerful” City Council finance committee chairman Ald. Ed Burke (14), who usually keeps a lower profile, choosing to exercise his clout by working behind the scenes, such as slating Cook County judges.

As the legendary Chicago/Illinois saying goes: They can smell the meet a’cookin.

As bad as TSA might be for O’Hare, handing the job over to Chicago City Hall would be even worse.

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