A surefire way to speed up the TSA lines at O'Hare and other airports

Here’s a surefire way to speed up those awfully long TSA security lines at O’Hare and other airports:

Charge passengers an extra fee for bringing aboard those carry-on suitcases–the ones that slow down the baggage check in the TSA lines and make boarding and leaving airplanes so time-consuming and frustrating.

In return, the airlines should lift the charge for checking your bags. Or at least impose only a nominal charge.

(Chicago Tribune)

(Chicago Tribune)

Some will see this as nutty, but think about it. While I was in one of those long lines at O’Hare Airport last week, the one thing I observed that seemed to be holding up the line the most was the time it took to screen all those bulky bags. People struggling to get them up on the slow-moving belt; TSA having to carefully check the screen for any prohibited carry-on items.

I’ve proposed this before  (April 2, 2013 and April 18, 2010) and a Chicago Tribune editorial today proposed the idea (albeit kind of tongue in cheek). “How to shorten these maddening airport security lines.” said:

(We wonder how much more quickly the inspections could move if airlines flipped their incentives, charging for carry-on baggage but letting checked bags fly free. Problem solved?)

Of course it wouldn’t completely solve the problem, but I’m betting that it would help. Self-defined “savvy” travelers will protest that they don’t want to be herded to and wait at the baggage carrousels like the hoi polloi. So, they’d rather wait in the longer TSA lines? Or be frustrated and delayed by all those goof-balls would who jam the aisles trying to cram and uncram the overheads with those bulky bags?

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